Saturday, July 14, 2012

Writing again

It's been a long time since I've written anything new and fresh, because I've been buried in the world of editing books that have already been laid out. However, this week I had a character pacing around in my head with a story to tell me. I was excited to have someone new and wondered where it might go. I planned to start writing a little bit this Saturday, but got a jump start on it.

After two paragraphs, I was shocked. I allowed the character to show me the scene and after a little head-hopping, found out that this was no stranger. He's a character "mention" in the Mageri series (never introduced) and I never even considered bringing him into the series or writing about him. Yet here he is, with his own little book and twisted tale.

And boy, is it twisted. I had written out his description and last night while looking at some photos, found a face that could remind me of his. Not the long or light hair, but that intense gaze with slanted brows. I'm still writing out the story as of this morning and have made it to 3200 words. At first, I thought this was going to be first person, but I feel more like a spectator in what's happening to him so it had to be third. I've already got the story outlined in my head (and a few scribbles of paper) so I know exactly where it's going. I don't know if this little novella will ever see the light of day, but it's exciting to start up something new in my spare time.

It's still a WIP so I can't divulge many details outside of the fact it's based around a character named Kane.

Now, on to other news! The blog tour is underway, so be sure to click the link at the top of the page and keep checking back in as new dates will be added. This is a fun promotional opportunity and to be quite honest, I've done no marketing for myself, so this is a new experience. I love the book bloggers. They have been so accommodating and friendly to work with! Be sure in addition to checking out my scheduled event that you also check out their sites and follow.

It's that time again. Cover art design. It is so easy for me to design covers or art for others, but summarizing my own book in a visual format is stressful! I've got some FANTASTIC mock-ups that I'm really proud of and I hope whichever way I go, that fans will appreciate the hard work that I've put into them. And yeah, I hope that you like it! I have two models that I'm trying to choose from and both are VERY different in not only the pose, but the overall feel of the cover. Two completely different directions, and one hell of a decision to make before I begin. Those that I've asked like both for different reasons, and honestly I've gotten opinions that are pretty 50/50. That doesn't make it any easier, so I guess I'll have to go with my gut. But my gut likes both!!

Damn my gut.

That's right. My very first character interview is scheduled and I'm taking a poll to see who you want to interview (left menu bar). This is something fun and different, because I'm going to allow readers to submit questions. Keep in mind I won't be divulging secrets to the series; this is an interview to get a little close and personal with the character. I cannot WAIT! And I love that everyone has received a vote. That's why I started the first poll with just four, because I wanted to give everyone a fair shot at the opportunity. You never know who I might put on for the next one - maybe I'll just have a face-off between two characters for you to choose from.

And my mind has been deprived for far too long. During my break while the betas are reading, I'm gobbling up a few books and it's wonderful. I usually try to fit in reading where I can but during the last phase of editing, it gets hectic. I must admit that I'm one of the very few people not getting swept up in this 50 shades craze. In fact, I'm rather tired of hearing about it referenced all the time. It's becoming too Twilighty and while I think it's fantastic that this author has become so popular and received so many opportunities, the premise of the books are not my thing. To each his own.

It's amazing all of the things that have come from Twilight. I read the books but never watched past the first movie. It's a little angsty for me. Talk about pressure for an author to follow their own shadow. I don't think I'd ever want my first series of books to become THAT popular that fast. That's a lot of high expectations to put on an author for any new books. I thought the Hunger Games was a far better series with a much stronger female protagonist, if we're talking YA. I'm not much of a fan of YA books, but I won't turn one away if it's good. Even when I was a young adult, I didn't read young adult. ;-)

I've finally gotten around to reading reviews - although as an author I really shouldn't - but I'm curious as to what readers are saying. The reviews have been so generous and I'm glad that the Mageri Series is reaching a wider audience. I did chuckle at one that referenced "adult scenes" as being unnecessary. I have to say that personally I'm not a fan of erotica, where the book is nothing about sex, but I do not mind romance novels because sexual situations are part of our everyday life, and that does not make our lives pornographic. Is it necessary? Well, from a procreation standpoint, yes. But it's an expressed emotion--an experience between two people that is the most intimate that you can be. I always said that I'd never exclude adult situations from my books if it was right for the characters. Tension in books is also fantastic, but I've read series that extended the tension with the promise of leading somewhere and it became more frustrating than wonderful. That's why at the end of classic romance movies, the guy gets the girl with a satisfying kiss. We eventually need to see a resolution. I don't write the kind of books that will contain sex every two chapters. I also don't exclude it from my book to retain a PG rating. It is what it is. So when you see "Adult Urban Fantasy" on the description, please don't be surprised if there's some "adult" in there. Sex is a beautiful, natural thing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand in other news, I will be buying fish this weekend. Because clearly, sex is a great segue for fish.

I'm not sure why I need to announce this officially on my blog, but I mentioned on my Facebook page that I saved a kitten the other week from certain death. It crawled up in someones tire in front of me at a fast food drive-through and I leapt out to pull it from the tire. Unfortunately, the little stinker wiggled free and ran off. Since then, I've been having kitten fever. I already have a crazy cat so I don't need another. My theory is that a few fish will abate those urges for new life in the house. I'll be sure to post pics. I really don't want another beta because I can only put one in the tank, but my tank is a 5 gallon so I'm not sure that it leaves me with many options.

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