Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What do you mean I have to market myself?

Oh yes, the dreaded marketing. As if editing the books aren't tedious enough, I actually have to promote them? Gah! Well, given that book three is off being reviewed, I've finally got some free time. I am still not ready to work on the book cover because I need to mull over the mock-up designs I have before the quantity gets out of control.

And trust me folks, right now, it's out of control.

So, I took a little time to offer myself out for a virtual blog tour. I created a link on the top header bar where you can look at past and future appearances. Just doing these to get my name out and have some fun. The giveaways will be ebook, but don't think that I haven't been plotting out swag in the future. I need to get a few things in order, but I think that is going to be a HUGE celebratory day when I get these books in print. I think that's pretty swagworthy.

But in addition to the blog tour, I'm thinking about fun blog posts that I can include on my own site. Maybe an inside look into the development of a character or series, or a character interview. Maybe a deleted passage, short new scene written on something this point, I'm open to any suggestions if there's something that you the reader would really love to see. :-)

As stated on my Facebook page, a new character has been pacing around in my head. I have been so consumed with editing these already written books and getting them published that it's been a while since I've written anything fresh. I'm getting that itch. Not only that, but this guy is persistent and doesn't want me to ignore him.

So, I decided that this Saturday morning, I was going to get up early and plop on my loveseat before dawn. The plan is to spend a couple of hours giving birth to this character who keeps showing me things and I'm just curious to see where it goes. What I know about him is that he wants to be the protagonist, he's a Sensor, and he's bee up to something very bad.

That's all I ever really know in the beginning until I start hashing it out. Maybe it's the beginning of a new series you'll see someday, or maybe not. I think there's a reason for everything. My failed vampire novel birthed a lot of characters, character names, and even a few concepts. So it wasn't a total failure.

Btw, it feels so GOOD to be reading again! The editing can take a lot out of my days and while it's with the betas, I get to immerse myself in some of the books I've had on my TBR list.

Calgon, take me away...

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  1. Hey if you ever want to send me a copy of your books I would be delighted to review them!!! Just started writing reviews for some authors and putting them up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and anywhere else they want lol.