Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview Winner! ASK YOUR QUESTIONS

The votes are in. Out of the following: Knox, Sunny, Simon, and Finnegan, voters decided they most wanted an interview with the one and only Simon Hunt.

Who naturally stole the show.

After he checked the votes on his laptop, he spun around in his swivel chair and stretched out like a cat in the sun. "Told you," he said with smirk. If I didn't know better, I might say that he hacked into the poll and figured out a way to alter the votes. He's got a thing about losing.

This is an opportunity for the readers of the Mageri series to ask Simon some questions! Simply comment on this BLOG message (If you are reading it from Facebook or Goodreads, you need to link directly to the blog and not reply to the post on that site. I will not be able to keep track of all the different locations questions are popping up) and list your question(s). I will not publish them on this thread so that they'll remain private (for my eyes only). Random questions or comments will be selected..

All questions or comments submitted by July 25 will be considered. Let's keep it fun, so put your creative thinking caps on and see Simon says.

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