Monday, July 30, 2012

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled because I plan on doing the cover reveal for IMPULSE within the next week! I'm very excited and nervous all at once, because I design my own covers. If you talk with anyone who knows what I do, you'll know that I don't just slap a model on a background. I spend weeks--months working on it. It requires cropping, layering, blending, enhancing, colorizing, and acquiring the right images that not only work together, but connect with the series. The covers cannot look dramatically different.

I had a larger selection of models, but narrowed it down based on a number of factors. Yep, I made a bold choice, but in the end I'm happy with it. There are probably 30 layers on this cover. By layers, I don't just mean images, but layers of light, screens, and even small images incorporated into an image for detail. Considering I have ZERO experience in doing this professionally (let alone never having gone to school to learn digital art design), I think I did a pretty damn good job.

This just proves that some authors DO care a lot about their covers to not get a cheap generic picture and slap a title on it. It's a visual representation of our book and a welcome mat for potential readers.

STERLING was a bear because I only had two model choices. One of them never responded to my inquiry. The second model was so gracious and while I had a selection of images, I chose the one I did because it caught my eye. That's how I shop for models on the stock sites that contain hundreds of thousands of images. I scroll quickly until a picture makes me stop.

TWIST was fun because I had several different ways to go with models. I had one girl in a hoochie mama shirt which I STILL love and want to use, but it just wasn't Silver. Someday I might break out a blog of the covers that didn't make it. Won't that be fun? I need to wait until the series is over before I open that can of worms.

I've also created an insert image, like I did with Twist. Remember the last image in the book? Well, I'm doing something like that again for IMPULSE. ;-)

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