Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Please check out the left menu bar on the main homepage. Enter your selection for the poll. This poll ends on July 21st.

Who would you like me to interview? I'm going to host a character interview on my blog and will do this over time, providing a list of choices for readers to select. Can't list them all to start, so I wanted to give each character a fair shot.

I will not be asking my characters anything that would divulge details in the story, but once the poll ends, I'm going to post the winner and allow readers to come up with questions! You'll simply have to reply to the blogpost I put up and your questions will be considered.

This will intimidate my characters - having the readers ask some of the questions. For one, they're expecting that I'm going to be writing up all the questions for the interview, so maybe they're feeling a little safe.

So start thinking of some creative ones. You never know what kind of simple question might provoke a candid or even hilarious response. If you have any general questions which could apply to anyone, reply directly to this message and I'll collect them on an interview document.

Have fun! Let the voting begin

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