Friday, June 1, 2012

Revisions are FUN!

I love this! As I go through the revision process and am about to begin my third draft, I remind myself of the importance of fine tuning. Honestly, sometimes the third or fourth time around you get some seriously fun dialogue and ideas to slip in, aside from the standard editing.

Now, I chose the title of this post because revisions are actually NOT fun! At least, for me. I'm just as anxious for the readers to have the work out there, but it's also important for it to be ready. I usually have a zillion post-it notes and scraps of paper surrounding me, on top of adding details to a few documents I keep updated with character and plot facts. Usually I'm buried in fast food wrappers, bags of trail mix and vitamin water. Book three has been a challenge by breaking that routine of mine. The editing is done on my sofa, only water and usually the only snacks are celery. What kind of book that is going to produce? Well, perhaps a sobering

Wine and editing usually don't mix.

Wow, it's already June. While Fall seems like a long time away for many, it feels like it's nipping at my heels. That gives me three months to get it together: finish my editing, betas, final edit, send to editor, develop the cover, come up with the title, review editors feedback and make changes, format for kindle, write the blurb (oh yes, and how I'm dreading that piece), as well as getting things in line for any promotions.

So yes, it's only June, and I'm feeling the CRUNCH!

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