Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Three; Draft Three

The editing process likely differs from author to author. Usually, my first two drafts will have the greatest amount of editing. This is the part where I do massive cuts, adds, or shifts in the timeline. I'm on the third draft of Mageri Series book three, and I've opened up my editing software and will be doing the fine tuning from this point forward. There could be cuts, changes, etc., should something surface and catch my eye, but this is the part where I polish the windows.

I love the editing software and it was worth the purchase. The image above doesn't give you much of an idea of what I'm writing, but shows you how I'm writing at this stage. I have the document and editing software open and I'm making changes. The software (on the left) will highlight problem areas such as bog, passive vs active voice, glue words, homophones, etc. It's a great way to point out suggestions and possible problem areas, although not required you take them. In addition, at this point going forward, I'll also be utilizing my text to speech software. So each paragraph gets a polish, and text to speech allows me to listen to it. Once I complete a chapter, I typically go back and simply re-read it so I can piece it all together.

That sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Here's the options you can set for the software. I had to remove sexist writing because it was grating on my nerves each time it pointed out words like 'guys' or 'blonde'.

So writing isn't as easy as gazing out your window, and being inspired by the wind in the trees. There's a lot of work behind the madness.

I added a few more stock images to my lightbox, although I was SO upset after I thought I saved a few and found out my lightbox wasn't even pulled up. Argh! I couldn't locate all of them so I'm just getting things together for the cover process, but I'm not quite ready at this point to start creating them.

The untitled book has me laughing with ideas. 50 Shades of Silver anyone? While erotica books are already out there, I highly suspect there will be a lot of books trying to ride the coattails of that one. I'm just simply dumbfounded at what suddenly makes a book skyrocket. While I'm sure it was popular before, I think when someone makes a mention on Good morning america, or some other media source, that's really your in. People will buy a book on a mention by a celebrity or TV show, whether it's their genre preference or not.

Ahem. *waves arms*. Surely someone can see the potential of this series being huge. I've redefined what a Mage is, incorporated new supernatural types into a book woven with classic ones, created a fictional city, and have plot paralleled with relationships. The protagonist is not the stereotype we often see because she's a regular girl caught up in a unique situation.

No pun intended.

I was thumbing through my old notes and found a few character development ideas on Justus. I wasn't set on Dominic for his name, but I also considered Nigel, as well as Verde for the last name. Funny. He knew exactly who he was, I didn't.


  1. What is the program you use except Microsoft Word?

  2. yeah whats the software you are using?

  3. Some popular editing software (and i've tried almost all):
    serenity software

    I'd recommend any depending on what you're looking for. Autocrit will let you paste samples online to show you what it does