Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Three Cover Project

THE MAGERI SERIES is a Unique read. A dark, gritty urban fantasy meets adult romance. Book three is underway. I've done fairly well at staying on track with the editing timeline. It's a tough job, and there are still final opportunities for minor changes. The editor is scheduled for September which is why the book release will be in the Fall. I will release the title once it's pinned down and do an early cover release.

I've already started dabbling with cover designs, although I just have a few mock-ups. It's impossible to please everyone with a cover, but I take my job very seriously to get the design just right to fit my vision. It's important to convey something special because it's not just a reflection of my novel, but of me as an artist. I take my digital art very seriously.

I'm narrowing down title ideas. It shouldn't be such a big thing, but this series has one word titles. That's actually more difficult than it seems to find the one word that has expressed meaning in your story. I suppose I could alleviate the stress by flipping the pages of a dictionary and poking my finger inside randomly. Let's try that right now and see what word I end up with...


I'm thinking: No. Just to give you a little insight, these were a few of the title considerations for STERLING:

MORTALITY LOST - Sounds like a soap opera
BROKEN LIGHT - Too depressing
SILVER BORN - Too similar to another title
ALTERED - shrugs

Sometimes things appear to be easier than they actually are. Also out the window is the alphabetical order of the title (S, T, U, V) because it could limit future book title options. It would have been a nifty way to remember the series order.

If you have read and loved this series, please take a moment to consider the power of customer reviews on Amazon.

You can either click on "See all customer reviews" and then you see this option...

Or if you scroll below the reviews, you'll see another option. It's really amazing to compare the book sales with the reviews and see that you don't really get an accurate picture because not enough people take the few minutes needed to write up a review. It doesn't require a professional finesse - reviews are designed to help inform potential readers about the book/product, and give your take on it. Goodreads is also another great place to post reviews as it is a very social website.

Thanks to all my readers who have been showing their love for the Mageri Series- the loyal readership is remarkable. I get a lot of personal emails saying how they recommended the series to friends and how much they loved the characters. LOVE THAT. On that note, I'll end with a note from fan mail I received, because this really spoke volumes about the digital age of ebooks:

Hi Dannika. I think the thing I Love most about my kindle is finding new authors I would probably never come across . I really enjoyed both Sterling and Twist and am looking forward to the rest of  the series. Thanks for taking me to the world of the mageri

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  1. Beautiful art all across the board. You are absolutely amazing. :)

    A new follower here - and I'm looking forward to reading your Mageri Series! Dark and gritty mesh of urban fantasy and adult romance?! Ohhh lady, you had me at gritty! ;)

    If you'd like, check out my blog: Would love to see you over in my realm of crazy. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment :) I hope that you enjoy the series. It's quite different from the traditional Urban Fantasy but has gained quite a following. I'll check out your site!