Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Right now, I have been dealing with some personal life challenges. It has taken me away from writing, work, and life. Not entirely, but enough that others are noticing. Once I get through this (and I will get through this) I will have a nice little story to tell with a lesson that might actually help others. It's a wait and see thing right now, so I'm waiting...and seeing. I'm still writing, just not as laborious as I usually do. The July release would have never been a reality, and this is obviously a sign it was meant to be.

We all have struggles in life, and they teach us something invaluable. Perhaps that's why many can relate to the Mageri series; life isn't perfect in this world. The tough things each character has endured in their life shaped who they've become.

I'm feeling that "Network" moment of "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" on pretty much a daily basis. But there's only so much you can do when things are not within your control. I wanted a sofa, but instead I'm staring at EOB's. Thank god for insurance; I know everyone dogs it, but it's far better to have it than not when something happens. Yes, this is a medical issue, but it's nothing serious so no need to worry. I've had about every organ lit up with radioactive iodine and stuck in machines that should have teleported me to the future. Doctor's sure love to be thorough. At a price.

So for now, the sofa is on hold. The loveseat has treated me kindly, although I usually kick my lamp over a few times when I happen to fall asleep on it. I'm a girl who lives modestly and appreciates what I do have.

Breath. Life. Feeling the sun shining on my shoulders at the end of a summer day. Watching lightning bugs, smelling a thunderstorm an hour before it arrives, the smell of barbeque when you roll down the windows of your car driving through a neighborhood, the excitement of opening credits in a packed theater, and laughing with someone you love so hard that tears stream down your face - these are the things that matter the most. It's the moments, the small joys that we take for granted. Everyone has these things that are peppered in our day and get us through it. Savor them. A joke from a friend online, or even playing with your dog. I feel a certain Julie Andrews song coming on, and I wonder where I'm going with this.

Honestly, one of the greatest joys for me has been writing and developing these characters that mean a lot to me. Sharing them with everyone has been a privilege, and receiving messages from those who fell in love with them also is an honor.

Believe it or not, my eyes are on the future. I've been talking with a photographer about a certain photograph that I want and he may sell to me privately for a future book cover. It's a series I haven't published, but the image is powerful and I know exactly what I'll do with it.

And here's another crazy collage I posted on my Facebook page of images that remind me of Novis.

Ignore the mannequin hands on the bottom right. Novis is young - perhaps Finn's age, but ancient. Every character in my series fascinates me in a different way, and I wish I could dedicate a book to each of them to tell their story. We'll see more of Novis through the series.

My 14" laptop is running on 16 minutes before shutdown. Batteries just aren't what they used to be.

Ultimately, characters are who the reader imagines them to be. If you want to share who you think reminds you of a character, I'm very open, so never hesitate. I think it's fun.

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  1. Hi Dannika, hope your feeling better soon, that old nugget that everything happens for a reason is something I tend to cling to when life throws you off balance a bit :)