Friday, May 18, 2012


Milestones are great things because they give one a sense of achievement. As of this week, the Mageri series has collectively sold 50,000 copies since the first publication in September of 2011. That is a huge accomplishment for an indie author, and I can only give credit to open-minded readers who are embracing indies more and more. "Sterling" is and has remained 99 cents, but the price alone cannot take credit for sales because there are thousands of 99 cent books that never sell. What can I attribute to the success? Word of mouth. Simply for the fact that I've done zero marketing.

Obviously we see names like Amanda Hocking and E.L James thrown about, but they are exceptions to the rule and not the norm. When I began this endeavor, it was with a realistic mindset that my sales would likely be 10 books a month.  Given the average sales of many indies, that's what I was expecting.

So, I feel it's cause to celebrate. They're not Stephen King numbers, but this has been a long process with a lot that I've learned along the way. Part of that is being humbled by the responses I've received on the series. The reviews, the e-mails, the messages on my Facebook wall and blog - amazing. The Mageri series establishes a tough world, one that doesn't glamorize immortality. It's more than just selling a book, it's the feedback of: "I cannot wait until the next book!".

So where am I going from here? Still working on Book three with an ETA around September. The date is not set in stone because it could be moved depending on how things develop and if my editor has an earlier opening. It seems so far away, I knowwwwww! But time flies, and no one wants a rushed book.

Last night I was going through a couple of my other series and trying to determine which one I wanted to publish next. I'm so ahead of myself as I still have at least 2 more books in the Mageri series to go, but it's always good to be prepared so I can jump right into it. I'm thinking that the Paranormal Romances that I've written are not ready, so I'm likely going to publish another Urban Fantasy Romance. The question is: which one?

Will I close out the Mageri series with 4-5 books? We'll see. I won't move to the next series until I feel it's at a good stopping point. But I think the door is always open if there is still unfinished business that could be told.

Oh, and I finally have a newsletter you can sign up for on my blog (top left). I don't send out e-mail regularly so you won't be spammed. This is only when there are major updates to the books (new cover, release date, or the date I publish so you can jump on and grab it).

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