Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Draft #2 is reaching 77% completion. How many drafts does it take to get to the center of a storyline? The world may never know. In away, I love this process, because each time around I see things from a fresh perspective. I can fine tune some of the scenes and dialogue and recognize the clutter. Of course, I'm still sitting at 122,000 words.

I would be honored to know that this book is included with the previous two in the re-read pile for anyone.

I've always said I don't have any actors or models in my head for my characters, as I didn't base them off of anyone. But this guy popped up on my TV last night and I thought, "Wait a second, Justus?" He could be a contender, should the Mageri series ever hit the big or small screen, I would have absolutely no complaints. I think he needs 5 more years and a few extra pounds and he might could fit the bill. In the meantime, I'll still retain my mental image I have of Justus tucked safely inside of my head.

I think those blue eyes and shaved head just grabbed my attention, along with the cut of his features.

Meanwhile, I'm kicking back and enjoying my holiday weekend. I did a little shopping but don't feel like hitting the crowds too much. My patio is a great hangout, although it's almost too damn hot to enjoy anything. I can't complain, it hasn't hit 100F yet, so anything else feels like a spring breeze.

I'm starting to feel itchy about the cover for book three. I've been scouring for models when I have free time, but haven't considered a concept. I still have a few covers that weren't right for book two that I can work with, but I'm going to carve out a couple of days after I finish this draft to work on a few designs. Then I'll send them to my friends to a couple of friends to shoot them down, and I'm sure they love that job ;-)  So when the cover is finally released, be kind to the cover artist. She works hard at her job, is obsessive about the right image, and hopes that the readers can appreciate the creativity she poured into her work.

PS: For those who don't follow me on Facebook, I made #1 in France this week. Oui!

 Pretty awesome!

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