Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Top Indie Author

I've been listed as a top 50 Indie author, and that is a pretty cool deal.

This image is why you need to scramble over to my Facebook page to follow my inherent silliness. I was actually trying to capture the fashion styles of Justus: His workout gear, the fine suits, the casual look, and his expensive watches.

As I have no one making my fan art, I've set myself to task of making my own. This is just a collage of models, but the image a few postings below of Justus and Silver are purchased stock and something I spent time on.

I actually think it's interesting to hear what actors or models that fans see in their head as the characters, because we all see our books differently.

At the moment, I'm suffering from "I need to move" syndrome. My downstairs neighbors are at it every night fighting, and on weekends they enjoy watching movies on surround sound. It took me forever to find this place, and I like it. I hate moving because of the expense and the pain of boxing up all your stuff and going to God knows what kind of mess next. So let's just see if I can outlast them.

What would Justus do?


  1. Ah, I had the neighbor problem, too,a few years ago. And I did move. Though it was very stressful and inconvenient I am now much much happier than before. It's really worth it. So I'd suggest you take your time to search for the almost perfect new home and try to mobilize as many friends and relatives as possible and just do it. :D
    Also I love your Justus pictures. I see him exactly like that in my head.

    1. Everywhere I go it's always something different with neighbors, but at least these don't have a meth lab or are throwing ham bones on the law in protest against management ;-) The fighting is the worst, however. That would be awesome to move all your friends and family into the same building! I just moved last year so I'm not ready to do this again; the next move will be a house where bad neighbors are more permanent.

      Glad you like the Justus pics! They're something I did for fun, looking for images of style and so forth that reminded me of him. :)