Saturday, May 5, 2012


Life altering experiences. When tragedy befalls us, how do we choose to let that impact the person we become? Which path do we take?

This is a question that is raised in my book with several characters through the series, whether the event happened a long time ago, or is a current event. We have a choice in how we let that tragedy change us, because it will change us. This is why I think it's interesting to learn about the past of some of the characters, because it gives us insight as to why they become the person they are today. Was it the right choice? Maybe not.

But perhaps even bad decisions lead us to our fate, and yet force us once again to make a decision on the kind of life we will live. Struggle is sometimes a necessary evil. But with one of my characters in "Twist", it also shows that a person is capable of change, and had they not lived that life, they would not be in the place they are now. I put a lot of thought into each of my characters lives and where they are meant to go. The struggles, the pain, the scars - these are the things that shape the characters in my books.

Fate leads us to decision points, but I think that we choose our own fate.

Choose wisely.

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