Sunday, May 20, 2012

Characters & Facebook Fun

I have selected the betas I'll be working with this time around. My secret special forces team. For those who submitted an inquiry - thank you! Showing interest is a huge compliment, but should something fall through with any of my betas, I may be looking for back-ups. So everyone is still on standby.

With everything going on this month, how the heck did I get any editing in? I'm on Chapter 25 of the second draft, and it's looking good. I still can't manage to cut back anything, so we'll see what the feedback from the betas will be.

This morning I was working on a little photo editing - although doing this on a sofa while lying on your side doesn't produce the best results. This is a collection of images, all of them layered and altered. Thanks to insomnia stock for the model (Deviantart)

I also have my fun crew over at Facebook who lets me indulge in making collages of characters. I received my first fanart via email, and thought it was fantastic, although I didn't share it as I don't know if they wanted me to. Feel free to not only share your fanart on my Facebook page, but also any actors/models that you see in *your* head as the characters. We all see someone different, and I'm very open to those things because it's all for fun.

This was my rendition of Logan. Now, the eyes are a bit yellow and not quite as I imagine them. He has a mixture of a gold/amber color - think of Tiger's eye. I have a few of these gemstones and there are often swirls of honey, amber, and gold.
Here's a link to an example:

I don't have any particular actors or models who make me think of Logan, but collectively some of the images below - whether it's the body type, pose, or hairstyle, make me think of him.

I'm still finding it awesome that readers are admitting they are reading the series (or Twist) more than once. I'm also thrilled that you guys have warmed up to some new character Breeds. It's always iffy when you create a new Breed that hasn't been written about, give it a name, and hope that people are intrigued by them.

Thank you to those who warmed up to Logan Cross. I love the Chitah character enough that I have included them in two of my other series (perhaps not the primary focus of the series, but leading roles)

I'm also remembering how much fun it was to name my characters. Logan's name came really easily, although I spent a lot of time finding out what his last name was. I usually keep a list of names anytime I run across one that I like. Sometimes I can work from those to assemble a name, and other times I research the internet for hours, days, weeks, until I find the right name for a character.

I will shamefully admit that I have read books where three fourths into the book, I could not remember the name of the leading male or female characters. Often it's because they just don't fit the character, or because they're too odd to remember, and other times it's simply because there's another character with the same sounding name or begins with the same letter, and I get them mixed up. I also struggle when I read a book with such a common book character name that is prevalent in about 20 other books with a leading character. Some books stand out, and from Chapter one, that characters name is burned in my head. I hope that this is the case with my books, but it's hard to say as I'm so partial to my characters that are alive in my head, that I know them by heart.

All right kiddos, live long and prosper. This girl needs to get some editing done before it gets too late.


  1. Loooove the Logan one. Granted, Chris Hemsworth will always be in my head when I think of him but this is a great collage.
    So jealous of your photo editing skills! You should hire yourself out to do covers for people ;0)

    1. Thanks, Rach :) I wouldn't mind designing covers, but there's only so many hours in a day.

      One of those shots actually is Chris, because I needed the hair, glad you like the images. It's one of those rewarding outlets that allows me to be visually creative for a change

  2. Hi!

    I just finished your two books in one great rush, and I loved it!
    Thanks for the great ride!
    The Amazon review you posted on your fanmail site was my desicion maker to buy the first book;-)
    And the second I bought because the first was great and i was so sucked into the story I had to continue to read...
    I would just love to buy the 3d one now ;-)

    Careful Spoiler Alarm!
    I cant wait to read more about the shifter she rescued ;-)
    It seem she has gotten herself into more responsibilities!
    And I wouldn't mind more details about her daily life in between some of the bigger chapter jumps ;-) but I understand the need to get the story moving fast. and you incorporate information nicly into the action.

    I'm not totally shure what to think of logan... I like him and his history and how he defends women;-) but she needs to teach him a bit less jealousy... The rlationship parts are a bit confusing. - well aktuall realtionships are realy too ;-)
    But the part about who wants sex with her why was left a bit to unclear in the building of breaking things of with Adam and Simon is nearly forgotten....
    I hope she can help justus to a more natural relationship to body and touching.

    I'm one of your German fans and I love to read English books ;-) well at least good ones like yours.
    I wish you lots of fun writing and reading

    1. Hallo, Zsika! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the Mageri series and decided to give it a try in the first place. It's always difficult to pick up an author that is new. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I think everyone connects to different characters in the book, which I love. Everyone could really have their own book, because I find each of them that interesting. I think if you re-read Twist, the relationships Silver has with the characters will define themselves more clearly. :) Happy reading!

  3. That picture makes me absolutely drool...

  4. Hi,
    i have to write You, i am from Germany and i bought both ebooks today at amazon (had a lot freetime today so i wanted to read both of them today). I am at 70% of Twist now and i love both books and during the time i am reading i am already thinking about rereading both books, how ist that possible???? Because u made my day and year with your writing skills, thank You for Your work.

    To Logan: He is my favorite character now. At first i liked Adam, than Justus, but after 4 month there is no affection from Silver's site, so i was looking for more and than came Logan, ohhh :). It is the first character with some background and depth and he sees Silver not as the others. Your rendition of Logan is the same as mine (Chris Hemmsworth is realy my type).

    I am looking forward to read Your next book.
    PS. Sorry about my english.

    1. Hi Michaela! Danke! I hope that you like the way Twist ends, and I'm flattered that you would want to re-read them. I'm hearing a lot of readers who are confessing to have read the book from 2 to even 8 times! They are seriously competing with how many times I've read it..haha

      I think I love all the characters, but I really enjoy which ones that the readers connect with because everyone is different. Glad you enjoyed the Logan image, too ;-)