Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busy Bee

While I've been fairly active on Facebook during the time I took off from work, I haven't posted much about that on my blog. I was very ill, had surgery, and racked up some pretty hefty medical bills. I'm recovering, and have gone back to work as of this week. I've been taking time to acclimate to the whole "Getting up early, commuting to work, and walking 900 steps to my office." I'm not feeling 100%, but I feel like throwing myself back into the mix is going to help, because I'm not the sort of person who enjoys sitting around being useless. I'm not going to lie, I had some scary moments over the past few weeks and it was a lot more serious than I could have predicted. I learned a few valuable lessons:

1. Emergency rooms are of little value unless you need pain medication. They basically keep an eye on you to make sure you aren't going to die, but don't seem to do much else because most patients probably require specialists.
2. The next time someone suggests that they are going to inject you with something "Harmless", don't believe them. A seemingly harmless injection of contrast for a CT scan turned out to be something quite frightening.
3. I still have a tiny crush on my anesthesiologist, so before they put you under, be sure to collect phone numbers. ;-)
4. If your doctor is an ass, drop him. I was going to someone I thought was qualified, but he blew me off more than once. I switched my PCP and found out that I absolutely love my new doc, and facility.
5. Medical bills will not go away. They're like fleas. You think you fumigated and killed them all, but then a few more slip in and cause you more grief.

Of course, during the time I was hoping and wasn't in pain or under meds, I was working on book three of the Mageri series. So all is not lost.

Everyone continues to ask about the ETA of book three, and I would love to tell you it's going to soon, but I only have two bookings with my editor. One for June and one for September. I do not think this book is going to be ready for June, because the beta readers have still not received it. Therefore, "Sterling" is going to get the full treatment in June (I'm happy to say). Which means book three is slated for September. Time flies really fast, so I'm not overly concerned. My editor will also let me know if something comes up sooner.

If I happen to finish everything early and have to sit on it for the editor, I'm going to start working on book four. This is great news, because it's going to put me ahead, and the time wait between book three and four may not be as long.

Overall, it's not a bad deal. As mentioned before, most traditionally published books that are part of a series are spanned out a year. If I can push out three in a year, I think that's pretty great. I also love that some of my readers have admitted to re-reading the Mageri series multiple times during the wait. So glad that you've enjoyed it, and I can only encourage you to post your reviews, and recommend to those who might enjoy it.

I honor Kindlegraphs, however give me a week. I'm fairly quick to sign them, but sometimes I have a lot going on so it takes me time to get to them all. I'm not on Twitter as much, although I never did really get the whole Twitter thing, and I think my Goodreads is in neglect outside of what I'm reading. I'm really trying to focus on writing at this time, and recovering, but will always take the time to hang out with my Facebook buds. I love you guys, and your support of not just the series but all my recent miseries I thank you for. I love talking books, sharing new music, and getting to know you guys.

So as far as the book release date: Don't hold me to September. I just want to give everyone a heads-up that this is what it's looking like at the moment. Things could change (for the better), and I will keep everyone updated.

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