Monday, April 23, 2012

UF and PNR Movies: The untapped Market

So I've been sitting here thinking about "The Hunger Games", and "Twilight", and "True Blood". It seems that YA books have a greater chance of making it to the big screen than Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance. Typically a UF book has more odds of making it to the small screen. That may have to do with the fact that they are often a length series and a series show has room to grow.

But here are the issues I have:

1. Most UF and PNR books involved immortals. A TV show that intends to surpass the five year mark can run into trouble. Actors gain/lose weight, become pregnant, decide they want to move on, and most importantly - they age. No, I don't want my vampires aging. Most series books involve staple characters that last through the entire series, so it's difficult for a show to write them out.

2. TV shows will tend to go off on their own. This can be good and bad. True Blood took the Stackhouse novels and ran with it. But most of us who have read the series have become disappointed with the direction of the show. I loved the series for the first three seasons or so, although I had a few issues with some of the plots. But I feel like there's too much softening or hardening of characters that isn't true to the books. And while most viewers are not readers of the series, I'm more of a fan of honoring the author and pleasing the readers who made the series popular to begin with.

3. If it gets picked up by a non adult channel, any adult language or sex scenes that may be included in the series will be watered down or removed.

There are so many tremendously popular UF and PNR novels. Hugely successful, and I have no idea if these authors have been approached for film rights. But Hollywood has been rehashing the same formulated movies, year after year. Box office tickets are dwindling, and the costs are rising. As a result, they're resorting to making films that they know garnish sales: 3D, remakes, sequels, and animated kid movies.

So I can't help but wonder, why doesn't Hollywood see the potential of producing films that will give them a few sequels for a popular series? I'm not speaking of a series that goes on for 10+ books, but there are some that go to just a few books, and in some cases there are subjects that could be combined between books to compress it into fewer films. Imagine if Lord of the Rings was a TV series. (yawn)

And yet, it seems so unfair that only the under 18+ get films that are fantasy and otherworldly. This isn't a reality that I will ever have to face, but I would much prefer to have any books I write be put on the big screen. Not by some half ass studio that churns out straight to video movies with low budget actors and horrendous effects and directors, but something quality. The problem is, once you option those rights, the choice leaves your hands. I just think it would be phenomenal to be able to see your series as part of a movie series.

So where is the Twilight for adults??

For a PNR series, they can tone down the sex, because some of the world building is engaging and original. I think many of the books translated to screen would appeal to both men and women because of not only the romance, but the amount of adventure, battles, and dark material.

Those who follow my Facebook page know a bit about what's going on because of my posts. I've been ill, and underwent surgery last Thursday. I'm still not really up to myself, and that means having missed out on two weeks worth of work. I'm not going to lie when I say I'm very concerned about this. Most companies won't fire you because of medical reasons, but I've never been one to take time off and especially not this much. My worst fear is losing my job, because I really need the medical insurance. There are too many unpredictable moments in life to do without it. I've been really blessed that the book sales for the Mageri series can help go towards the costs, so don't get any ideas that I'm drinking champagne from a golden flute. Hell, I can barely eat food at this point so champagne isn't even on the menu. I can't go out in public if I wanted because my arms are bruised from IV's. Why is it they always sick the interns on you to "practice" their skills of taking blood? Seriously.

I'm never anything but real on my posts, because I'm a real person. (imagine that!). Most of you don't know that I have made arrangements for "Sterling" to go through an editor. This was not an option for me when I published, so I'm very excited to have it polished up. When that is published this year, I'll be sure to update the description that it is an edited version. The reason being that I really want to see my books in print, and I want them to be perfect.

Book three is still in drafting, and even though my ass has taken up permanent residence on my sofa, along with medication, my Kindle, a plethora of books, and papers, I am still working on it when I can. I want to utilize the time off from work as much as possible - but I still have no date set on release. My editor has two windows open and should it be published later than I want, then I would prefer that because it means it went through the right hands to ensure it's up to snuff.

SO THAT is the big deal going

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, so if anyone has any suggestions (yet again) on Kindle books I can download, let me know. No series over 4 books please. Ideally, a debut.

I have this pic because this model resembles a character in one of my other series. Plus, it's always nice to have some eye candy when you're reading a depressing blog post. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer! I just want to keep everyone updated on what's going on.

E-mails - THANK YOU. I have not been able to respond to everyone, but I've received some really wonderful fan mail.

Am I the first person to have stumbled upon a pic of Kellan Lutz (Twilight series) with a shaved head? LOL I have to admit he looks better. I really hope these actors manage to move away from being associated with these roles so strongly, because it can really break a career unless you take some really bold roles that are dramatically different from the character people associate you with.

Could I be breaking a record with the longest post yet? Probably. I'm home alone, listless, and I suppose I have a lot of things on my mind that aren't really that important, but I just felt like talking for a while. Thanks for listening.

Current word count for Mageri series book three: 118,000 words.

Here's the latest coverage image I created for my Facebook page. I really want to create one and just leave it alone for a while, but I'm finding that photo editing is a little therapeutic for me and passing the time.
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