Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just another manic Saturday

I have to say that this is quite hilarious, but once a week, someone finds their way to my blog using the keywords: "How to make yourself insane". I'm not exactly sure which one of my posts had these keyboards, but I'm betting it was probably during my editing phase, or when I was discovering the joys of how to format for Kindle.

In any case, I would hope no one is really looking to make themselves insane. But if you are, please feel free to get a job working for my employer.

This is some wallpaper I created a while back ago. It's reminding me that during my downtime, I need to stay fresh with my photo editing so that I can get myself psyched up for the cover design.

So today I was browsing through my files and wondering what the next series would be after the Mageri series. At this point, I'm not even sure how many books the Mageri series is going to be. It's become it's own animal with a guaranteed four, but now I've got no choice but to expand something into a fifth book. Then the mind swirls with ideas of six. I will never go forth with a series when it becomes nothing more than squeezing the last drops of water from a damp rag. I think this world has so much to give, and there are so many stories to tell, so we'll see.

The prospect of starting up my other series has excited me. I have one with four books already written, and the others just have two per series. I like the two books because with those I feel like I can once again write a fresh book and not spend all my time editing and drafting. But I have a feeling the four book is next, and the characters are awesome. I love the female lead, and there is a lot of family and politics going on that make the storyline engaging. But part of me keeps thinking about the very last series I wrote before I started publishing. It tore me up completing one of the books, and I've never felt that involved as a writer with the story and characters that I was heartbroken to write some of their scenes. Maybe that's why I'm fearing that book the most.

So here is the big secret:

My plan for the series was four books. While I didn't have the titles worked out, during the naming of "Twist", I had an idea that I would make each book title in alphabetical order. Sterling, Twist, U.....
Which would work - except now that I got ideas about a book five, there could always be a potential for a book six. I don't know for sure as book five isn't even written, but it left me wondering if I should even bother with this idea. There's no way I can title a book with an X without it looking like a science fiction book or a drug prescription.

Sigh. It would have made it easy to figure out which order they go in without having to look inside! Although, I do state it on the Amazon website book title.

So much for brilliant ideas.


  1. A good portion of this blog is taken up with an add to buy Twist (which I already have an have already read). There seems to be no way to close it. So, I'm missing out on your entire blog. :(

    1. So sorry, Mary. Someone else mentioned this to and I'm thinking it had to do with the Java. I've removed the code, let me know if you're still having troubles.

  2. I absolutely love both Sterling and Twist. I like the idea of going on alpha for the titles. There are super cool words that begin with X that don't sound too science fictionesk. Xis is my favorite.

    Xis: n. - The cardinal number that is the sum of ten and onen.
    n. - The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet