Saturday, April 28, 2012

Draft 1 is complete

Man, oh man. The first draft is always the killer. Every author has a different approach to writing, I think. For me, I wrote my books and moved right to the next. So now, I'm going back and drafting them out. The first draft required a few revisions as well as timeline changes. There are so many details in this one I had to document on the side, as well. There's no telling how many drafts I'll go through before I get cozy with the final product and begin the editing and beta reads.

But it feels SO good to get past this hurdle! I'd smoke a cigar, if I smoked, because I'm feeling very Bruce Willis Die Hard at the moment.

With a vengeance.

I'd love to tell you what it's all about, but I'm not a fan of spoilers. I love the element of surprise - for good or bad. "Twist" was a risk because I had no idea after setting things up in book one how receptive readers would be to the new character introduction. There will always be a risk in each book that gives me butterflies, but this is the story that told itself to me, that wrote itself out and I cannot alter what fates I have laid out. There's a little of everything in the books. Book four is going to be unlike any of the previous, so I hope you guys are ready.

Have I mentioned how awesome my fans are?

Please hop over to my Facebook page or you'll miss out on some good stuff. I mentioned what the next likely series I'll be publishing is. It could change, but we shall see.

Considering the nightmare I've gone through these past two weeks medically, staying home has been a godsend in getting more accomplished in writing than I would have otherwise. Perhaps everything does happen for a reason . . .

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