Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Champagne wishes and Paperback dreams

Something I'm putting off until the time is right is publishing in paperback. I want the book to be available to those who do not have an e-reader, and I've mentioned this several times before, but I'd love to have a physical copy in my hands. A few things need to occur beforehand: "Sterling" will get a clean edit, and I may do this after the release of book three.

Publishing in paperback does not seem to be an easy process, and will probably involve me drinking mad amounts of orange soda and banging my head on a table. I'll have to design a full jacket in addition to figuring out all the formatting requirements. But I was curious, would anyone who already owns the e-version want a paperback copy?

I'm still old school and love my bookshelf. There's a buzz of excitement in knowing I could have a shelf reserved for my books. I like setting goals.

For now, however, I decided I might just go to Walgreens and print out the covers and frame them.

Time for a progress report

STERLING Remains in the top 10 of Contemporary Fantasy, and top 20 of Romance. It's been 7 months and I'm simply beyond words. PRICE: .99 CENTS

TWIST Remains in the top 10 of Contemporary Fantasy, and top 30 of Romance. PRICE: $2.99

Some of you may have noticed that Twist was originally $1.99. I wanted to give a low price to the readers who were really following the series as my thanks. Every penny counts, and after a month, I decided it was time to adjust it back to the original price of $2.99. The books will remain as priced, and I hope they are worth it.

A huge thanks to those who have supported me all the way, hang out to chat and have fun on my Facebook page and Blog, who have recommended my series to their friends/fellow readers, who send me fanmail and as of late - well wishes, and to those who take the time to post their reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. I will continue to thank readers for these efforts, because I'm humbled by the love I've received. Love for the plot, love for the characters, love for the simple fact that you are backing an indie author.

I'm closing the last chapter of the first draft of book three. And guess what? It's going to require another chapter. I made the decision that I wanted to expand a scene so I'm working things out before I tackle it. I never like to divulge what you'll be getting next, because I think that ruins that fresh first time feeling when you pick up a book and have no idea what to expect. I may post a random quote or two that may or may not make it through the last edit - but they will NOT be any spoiler quotes or any of the "best" lines.

I really settled on the title "TWIST" because it was appropriate in at least two ways. I think there were some expectations as far as these triangles in book one, and perhaps some revelations discovered with Justus. I like it when the reader is taken off guard. I hope book two gave a little insight as to why Silver is the way she is with relationships and men. But more importantly, I think when it comes to character development, there are always more pieces to the puzzle for every single person in giving us a better understanding of who they are. Additionally, the current challenges also pose the question of what that will make them become.

There are a lot of fans of Justus from what I've seen, and yes, you will learn more of him as the series progresses. This is an intricate weaving of stories that centralizes around Silver, but everyone has a story to tell.

Which is why I'm a little anxious about the idea of writing book five - which I had no intention of doing, but there are going to be some open doors that will need closing.


  1. I mostly wanted to post something, because it appears no one else has, and I wanted to just say the books are amazing! My father started my obsession with books at a young age, and I would like to say that even though I purchased it with my nook, I love to own all my books in hardback or paperback, so yes, I would purchase it! This collection of characters you've created are like a drug! My girlfriend and I could not put the books down, and I can't wait for more more more! You're excellent!

  2. Thank you! Your father was a smart man. My brother has done the same with his son and as a result, my 8 year old nephew is the most avid reader with the most active imagination. He even talks like he's narrating his own scene, which is hilarious. The price of hardbacks can be a challenge, but I love the new sizes that many of the paperbacks come in now, larger than the standard size. It thrills me that both you and your girlfriend have enjoyed the series and characters so far and would consider a paperback. Thanks for the support, and I hope that the series has much more to offer you in the world of Cognito. Happy reading :)

  3. I absolutely love your books and i would definately by a paperback copy even though i already have the kindle version. Best luck with whatever you choose to do and with book three :)

    1. Laura, you are the best! :) Availability is important to more people, but I know some people like a physical copy. I'll be over the moon when that day comes, so prepare for a bunch of

    2. I would absolutely LOVE to buy your books in paperback!!! I like my e-reader but, I like the real thing better

  4. Just finished book two and have loved them both! Love strong women and the character development was great ! Can't wait for the next ones! These are definitely books I will recommend! BTW- I would not go out and buy the paperback as I love my e reader- but there are plenty of people out there who still like the feel of a book in their hand.

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy. I'm glad you've enjoyed them! It was important for me to give her a strong personality, but she is also imperfect, and struggling to acclimate to a world where she has to give up some of that independence. It's more of a "what would realistically happen if you were put in this situation?" kind of story. Not everything is black and white, and I think she isn't the only one with much to learn :)

      I also love my e-reader more than I probably should admit! Another thing to consider is not everyone has an E-reader, so a paperback would be their only option, or preferred option if they don't use the apps.

      Thanks for the enthusiasm, hope I can get the rest of these books out soon! Thanks for the comment, recommendations, and/or any reviews you may have posted.

      Much love, D

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