Thursday, April 26, 2012


Aside from from a trip to the doc today, I spent the majority of my day on the Internet. I got a little bit of editing done, but part of it is avoidance. I am dealing with writing a fairly important scene and I'm discovering that the careful attention it requires cannot be forced.

Likely, I will wake up early tomorrow when I'm in my best writing mood, and begin to work on it. Difficult scenes always play that way on me, tugging at my emotions. I get just as emotionally involved with my characters as I hope the readers do, and some scenes are not easy. I try to look at it as documenting their lives and not writing out their fates, otherwise there's a weird sense of guilt for what I'm doing to them, or did to them. But I can say with almost absolute certainty that the first true drafting of MAGERI BOOK THREE will be completed tomorrow. These involved some significant rewrites and scene shifting. After that, it's going to be a few more drafts to clean it up, polish it, and continue to make it the best it can be. Then it goes to the betas, then the editor.

Perhaps the internet is too distracting when I find myself watching Burger King commercials because David Beckham is in it. Why do the English pronounce everything like a luscious word of seduction? I could listen to him say strawberry for hours.

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