Friday, March 9, 2012

What a day. Seriously.

This morning, I woke up bright and early at 5am so I could get an early start at the DMV/DPS to get my driver's license renewed. When I got there, in a thin leather jacket and jeans, I saw that the line was out the door and wrapped around the building.

(insert silent scream here)

I waited in the car watching the line and it wasn't moving, but I had to suck it up and get it over with, because my birthday is tomorrow and I'm all out of time. Suffice it to say that styling my hair this morning was a waste of time. It was 41F with a wind chill in the 30's and the wind was BITING cold. I stood there, pressed against the edge of the building getting blasted by northern winds. They were only letting us inside in groups, and while there was a lot of room in there and an entire room of empty chairs, they still felt we needed to be severely punished. I finally got to the door, and the trooper said "Get back outside".
"But sir, there's room for me to stand here," I offered, staring at the end of the line where at least three more people could fit.
"I don't care. Get outside."

The man behind me grumbled, a woman was on her phone hollering at someone trying to get a supervisor, and I was shaking so bad I couldn't feel my extremities. Fifteen minutes I might have endured, but this went on for an hour.

Needless to say, my license photo is horrendous. I look pale, cold, and pissed.

After that was a trip to the dentist. I decided to put off my taxes, since I've squeezed enough punishment into one day. The great part about the day was when I came home, I had a wonderful box on the patio waiting for me. It was a birthday present from a friend, and exactly what I wanted.

I have a lot of work to do with the next two books. I call the first draft: "The idea". That's the very first go at writing the book where you have the main plot down. A book can change dramatically from the first to the 8th draft, and of course it may not take that many, but it's contingent on how well the story works. I refuse to publish anything unless I'm 100% happy with it. I can't let everyone's expectations cloud the vision I have for the characters and story; as I've said before, there's no way to please everyone. I can only hope that readers continue to love the characters enough that they want to see what's next for them. I feel like an author offers a reader a roller coaster ride. You have no idea when you buckle in what you might be in for - the ups, downs, the unexpected turns, the stomach turning drops, and jubilant highs. I'm not doing everything entirely traditional with this series, as some of you may have noticed. It's not a traditional UF, and I do mix 1st and third person in because it gives me a chance to circle around to other perspectives or stories. I feel like writing the series I've taken chances, but ultimately I can only write what's in my heart and head, and in doing that...I will always be happy with the story I created.

So, I will need to read through book three and four to see where I want to bend and shape the story. I decided I want to start tonight. Once I start the actual drafting, I'll let everyone know. But give me time to shape this clay into something. First, I need to look at it. :)


  1. People working at the DMV really dislike their jobs.
    Wait... maybe I should work there. :-/

    1. Well they were all smiles as we were pressing our faces against the cold glass

  2. Hi Dannika,

    I'm a new fan just bought your first book last week and loved it bought the second today and will start on it next week. anyways I just wanted to say hi hope you keep your love for writing and give us many more wonderful book in the years to come and oh yes must not forget to wish you a Happy Birthday hope you got the kindle you wanted.... Bear

  3. Hi Bear! I'm so glad you enjoyed "Sterling", and I hope you will like what's in store with "Twist". Thanks for the birthday wishes, been a great day so far! Happy reading :)

  4. Good lord, you wanted to do the DMV, dentist, and taxes all in the same day on purpose? I suspect you of superior intestinal fortitude. I'm sorry it worked out so poorly for you.

    1. I decided to save the taxes for another day, as after standing outside in the cold at the DMV, it took several hours to be able to get my blood circulating again. The dentist appointment was already set, and since my birthday was Saturday, my time had run out on when I could renew the license. I assure you I am not a glutton for