Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twist & Other thoughts

I put up a couple of quotes on Goodreads, but I'm more of a fan of readers selecting favorite quotes. This is why I'm anxious to view the "Popular highlights" feature on Amazon once it appears. Because the book is a new release, it takes a while for it to show up on all the searches and lists. Did I mention how thrilled I am that the initial response has been positive? Not just from reviews, but the e-mails and personal messages I've received have been awesome.

Something I do want to mention: Often when I read books, I sigh a little because I feel like I never get to know a little more about other characters. Personally, I don't like writing novellas. My main story revolves around Silver, but I hate ignoring other stories that need to be told. That's all that I'll say about that. :)

Currently I'm reading "Cry Wolf". I've taken a little longer than usual, but I had a busy week at work, so I'm going to finish it up this weekend. I started "Greywalker", but I wasn't in the mood. I'm strange that way; I usually read certain books based on the reading mood I'm in. So I'll tuck it away for later, but I think right now I'm searching for a little adventure with a splash of romance.

I think if you haven't read Patricia Briggs, that you would enjoy the "Mercy Thompson" series (these are spinoff books).

On a side note, I have to laugh at this because a friend of mine thought readers might think I looked like a school teacher. I'm not sure what's wrong with that, because it shouldn't matter how an author looks, and I would hate to put off anyone because I didn't have the right outfit on. I've chosen to remain behind the scenes, at least for now, and let my books do all the talking. I did stick a picture on my "About Me" Page of the blog - but the only thing you're going to see is what I look like almost every day when I get home from work and start working on my writing. ;-) I'm just a regular person, with a job, a broke down car with a window that sticks, who just so happens to enjoy pouring my imagination into stories.

Stories I hope that you as a reader will enjoy.


  1. Love PB but I have yet to pick up Alpha and Omega. As for your pic, a little camera shy but loving the red hair! :)

    P.S. there's nothing wrong with looking like a teacher, if not for those hard working people, the world would be a dumber place than it already is and that's a nightmare!

    1. Well I always did like the great and powerful was almost no fun when we saw the guy behind the curtain ;-)

      I agree! Kudos to all the schoolteachers for an underpaid and undervalued job.