Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ready to begin drafting soon

I finally managed to go through the series and do some extensive note taking, since there will be a few modifications that could impact the fourth book. While I have everything documented in Ywriter, I'm a fan of paper. I know, it kills trees. But I really need something in front of me to scribble on and work things out. I documented the key points of the series, book 3 and 4, and for fun - created bios.
Sorry the picture is blurry...hehe.

I also learned how much I despise modern technology. My printer refused to print black and white pages because I was out of light magenta. Really? There's no way to bypass having no ink in a random color I have no intention of using? So I went to the electronics store and picked up the cartridge, and when I got home and ran it through, my printer decided it wanted some cyan while I was at it.

I managed to print everything without cyan, because it was only running low - like every other color. At some point I'm going to have to refill all of them. I miss the old days with a simple black cartridge. Maybe I just need to upgrade.

Maybe I just need to hurl it off of my balcony.

I've been very busy and not online as much the past week or so. I'd love to get started on drafting out book three tonight, but unfortunately my job called me in. So instead, I'll be sitting on a high floor in an empty office building, with no guards to escort me to the leveled parking garage after dark when I go home, because my manager has decided that putting my life in peril is worth signing off on their project.

That's okay. I've always done what I needed to in life to get the job done; it's not the end of the world. Sometimes we have to endure the things we dislike so that we can enjoy the things we love. I'm also going to take my Kindle, because a kind elf decide that Santa lacked compassion this year by stuffing my stocking with coal, and made a special trip so that I could enter the age of modern technology. Hoorah! No more reading books on the PC Kindle app. :)

I think it's great because it's going to allow me more opportunity to catch up on some of my reading, simply because I hate hauling paperbacks around and it's something you can do while standing in line or sitting in traffic. I will purchase and love my real books, but e-readers really give you more flexibility as a reader.

Thank you to those who continue to write me, and tell me you've read the book more than once. That's the coolest thing! I try to respond to all e-mails, but I may not have the chance given my current scheduling.

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