Monday, March 12, 2012

New Poll for Twist Readers

For those of you who read "Twist", a new poll is up on the blog, so check it out.

Here are the results from the "Sterling" poll (We'll see how they compare!)

I'm actually on the first read through of book 3, and have reached Chapter 22. I had to do some minor rewrites, but the drafting won't begin until I've taken down some notes and assembled my thoughts.

Does anybody else hate this whole Daylight Savings thing? I don't remember getting the vote when they decided to extend it even longer during the year. I actually grew up in places that did not have daylight savings, so it CAN work. I don't believe it helps reducing energy usage, because if you're up early in the morning and it's still dark, you're turning on all the nights anyhow. I think sometimes people are afraid to break habits.

Well, if we just sprang forward, does that mean I time traveled to the future one hour?

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