Sunday, March 25, 2012


I know some readers want to connect characters from books to actors or models. I don't really do this myself except for a couple of books where I've gotten so into the series that I have strong images in my head of who that person *could* be. The bottom line is: everyone will envision who they want, and that's great! I thought I'd bring this up because at least three people suggested Chris Hemsworth.

Not really who I envision as Logan, but then I am particular about how I see characters in my head so I haven't made any connections to actors or models. But, I stumbled across this pic today. He is a cutie

It also reminds me that I really want to see the Snow White and the Huntsman movie coming out, along with Hunger Games once the crowds die down on that. I'm hoping for a better year at the box office this year because it seems like there hadn't been that many movies in the past few years that captured my interest enough to pay for the ticket price.

Fingers crossed it's worth seeing.

And I should say that I managed to get quite a lot of reading done on Saturday night, thanks to my boss. I was required to go to work for only an hour at about 7pm, but things got delayed and I was there until 11pm. Not really my idea of a Saturday night, especially in a spooky building where the lights kept shutting off and I had to walk myself out to a dark parking garage without escort. However, I kept myself busy during the downtime by reading, and managed to plow through a quarter of a book in a couple of hours. It felt great, to tell the truth. Nothing to distract me.

I would also like to thank my friend for sending me magnetic bookmarks. They are the best thing since sliced bread. You just clip them at the top of the page and it never slides out.

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  1. I just finished Twist. What a great series! I have read many different series and hope that you take the time to expand the series and explore the other breeds. Do you have any idea when book 3 will be released