Saturday, March 17, 2012

Literal Addiction Interview & Contest

Check out the interview on Literal Addiction and Book Monster Reviews, and enter for a chance to win a copy of "Sterling" (If you don't already have one tucked away on your Kindle) I have to say the interviews are a lot of fun and I love some of the questions asked that give me an opportunity to provide details on certain aspects of writing or the story itself. This site always has a great lineup of author interviews and contests, so be sure to bookmark them.

I'm close to finishing the first read of my third book and I'm feeling that sense of "egads!" There are a few changes I want to make and I'm not sure of how a couple of chapter swaps are going to work in the timeline, or if they're necessary. I need to mull them over.

If you visit my Facebook page, you're going to think I have a cover problem. I designed several of them today at my bar counter top and decided to switch out Justus. I know, I just put him up, too! But I'll be switching back and forth, just to keep it interesting. Right now, Adam is up. So check it out.

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