Friday, March 30, 2012

Here is how it all went down

I'm in such a strange mood today I don't even know where to begin. When I write, I usually formulate ideas from events that have happened in the book and think them out. It's not rocket science, I just let the story weave it's way through my mind until something feels right. I don't have dreams like Stephanie Meyers, nor do I get all my ideas from movies, songs, or other sources. It just plays itself out in my head.

So this is where it gets weird. I'm sitting at work, focusing on a project at hand so I can wrap it up before leaving. In my head I swear - hand to God - I hear the words "She falls to her knees". I could see a character and scene in my head, but couldn't figure out where the heck that came from. So I jotted down a couple of things on a sticky pad and went back to work.

Except questions started forming. Why did she fall? Who came to help her? What is happening?

By the time I got in my car, I was writing up a storm. Naturally, I hit every green light so my writing looks like someone tied a pen to a chicken's foot. Each time I'd throw the paper down, another idea came. Next thing I knew, I'm ripping away pages of notebook paper with this whole concept written out. At one point I shouted, "Gods!" when I thought I could at least order a burrito in the drive through without having to jot another item down on the side.

And that's why there now has to be a book five.

Sigh. I could see the series extending another book, but there's no way things are going to wrap up in book four which is going to need some major work now. It could go into the scrap pile of ideas, but I had to wonder why I was so damn excited scribbling all this down. All from a phrase. Now obviously that means my hamster wheel that does the creative thinking is working non stop all the time and no matter what I'm doing at any time of day, when the hamster stops, the idea will pop in my head. Probably the same as when you're trying to think of someone's name and you wake up at 3am and remember it.

I also bought lottery tickets. The Jackpot is up to $640 million. That's almost a billion dollars, people. I told everyone at work if I'm not there Monday, don't shed a tear for me. But guess what? If I won the lottery and didn't have to work, I would be writing all day long. Finally, I would have my financial situation, future, and medical insurance taken care of and I could focus on what I love to do in life. Maybe then I could own a car that doesn't have the driver's side window get stuck when it rolls down, or live in a home where I don't have to hear my neighbors beating each other through the thin walls, or not hesitate about going to a doctor when I need to because I dread the out of pocket expense.

Although I'm not sure who I'm kidding, as my friends insist if I won that much money I'd still be driving my POS car until the wheels fell off.

They're probably right.

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