Sunday, February 19, 2012


I receive questions via e-mail or private message, and I thought others might also want to know the answer. If you have any questions, pop over to my blog on the CONTACT ME link at the top. I thought about compiling these into a post. I've actually had a couple of inquiries about Max. :)  I think once "Twist" is released, there may be more questions to come, so I'm just keeping the lines open.

One thing I cannot do is divulge in the direction of the characters or series. Keep this post in mind when "Twist" is released, and I look forward to your comments and reviews!

Question: If the sun gives them energy and helps them heal... Why are their living accommodations in the dark?

Answer: I think we'll learn more as the series evolves. Justus feels the need to protect his home by keeping it hidden. The sun is very powerful, and can be tapped for healing light by an experienced Mage who knows how to measure the energy, but Justus isn't the type of man who believes any small injury requires healing. He might fall under the old school motto of 'suck it up'. Yes, he must train Silver of all the new abilities she now has, but he also has to teach her control and moderation in how she uses them. He treats her differently than how he would have treated a male Learner, and perhaps in that, we see a gentler side to him. There is a lot of power in energy, and one must learn not to abuse it or it will ultimately control them.

As the series progresses, I think the reader will have a better perspective about certain elements in the book, including the motives behind each character.

I'm currently reading "Cry Wolf" by Patricia Briggs, and it's an enjoyable read, as I've read the Mercy Thompson series. If you're looking for a movie to watch with a different type of theme, try "In Time" with Justin Timberlake. I thought the concept of a futuristic society living on borrowed time, where all things are bought and sold using the minutes of your life, was interesting.

I've been tapping my fingers, wondering when I'll get busy with the second draft to book three, but I still have some reading I need to get in. I need to formulate some notes and review the outline before I begin. I'm really excited about it, and that scares me a little, because once I start, I may not come out of my foxhole for months. :-)

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