Saturday, February 18, 2012

Popular Highlights

When you are reading a book on Kindle, do you use the popular highlights feature? Amazon stores on each book page, the most common highlighted areas of text. For awhile, they went AWOL (glitch), but they have since returned. I enjoy looking at these, because it's a very cool inside peek at blocks of text that hooked a reader.

Every so often, I go to some of my favorite book sites on Amazon and review the highlighted text. Sometimes, they're sentences/scenes I had forgotten about, and make me want to read the book all over again! While I have put up a few quotes on Goodreads, I'm more interested in the quotes and lines that the reader enjoys. I'm very excited about TWIST, and look forward to seeing which parts end up with the most highlights.

Release date is soon! I can almost taste it on my tongue.

Popular Highlights (currently) for Sterling:

it is not the easy road that makes us capable of great things. It is the hard journey that leads to a greater destiny. You can never rise if you never have anything to rise above.”

There are few things in life that are worth waking up to: sex, the dark spices of freshly brewed coffee, and bacon."

Dying isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever do—it’s living. There are many choices that determine the direction of your life, but death only has one outcome."

I looked down at my drink; he was very charming in every gesture but something about him intimidated the hell out of me behind the fa├žade of calm and collect. It was not unlike having a conversation with a grenade."

“So what is my last name? And so help me, if you tell me it’s Ware, I’ll drop kick you where you stand."

If Justus had a formula, it would be 1% sensitivity and 99% jackass."

He was the sun…my sun. He was the center of my new life and I basked in his light and protection."

just remember, love—a scar will always mark you, but never let it define you.”

I’ve learned something far more valuable since I was given a second life, a second chance, and a new beginning—live each day of your life like it is your first."

When the only tongue you’re getting is from your cat…it’s time to get out more."


  1. I didn't realize you could see what people highlight? I just looked at Sterling on Amazon but I couldn't figure out how to find the common highlights. It's cool to see these phrases.
    I'm kinda creeped out about big brother watching what I highlight though... :)

    1. Hey Michelle,

      Yes, you have to scroll below all the reviews and you'll see "POPULAR HIGHLIGHTS". They're so much fun to read on all your favorite books, reminding me of scenes i had forgotten about. I believe you can also enable this feature on your Kindle, if you have one, but most people don't like to read with text highlighted.

      Big Well this is a good tracking function IMO. You get to see which lines you liked that others liked. But usually when we see quotes from a book written somewhere, it's from the author or publisher. This is a great way to see what the readers liked.