Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cars and Attitude

I think we get a lot of impressions about a person by the type of car they drive. Where vehicles are involved in my story, I try to select one that is the most suited for the character; it doesn't matter if its a top of the line luxury model or something that just rolled off of the used car lot. Their attitude is in that car. You can often sit in traffic and stare at a car in front of you, from the scuffs on the tires, the bumper stickers and decals, the model and condition, to how clean its kept, and make up an impression of who is in the drivers seat. At least, that's what people like me do when they're stuck in five o'clock rush hour, wishing someone would invent teleportation machines.

I stumbled across this vid and thought of Justus; it's one of his favorites. Before I write any car into my book, I research it. I want to know what the key looks like, how the seats fold, and what sound the engine makes. It helps give me a full visual sense of their places and possessions, whether I write them in detail or not. I like to know who I'm writing into my story. Full background checks are required. ;-)

I feel spoiled for all the reading time I'm getting in! I haven't decided when I'll begin drafting and editing book 3, but I know I need a pause inserted between releases. I also need to wrap my head around an alternation to the story that came to mind during the rewrite of Twist.

There's a drive-in theater about an hour away from me. I'm going to stick that on my agenda for this spring. I need to find someone with a pick-up truck that has a large bed. ;-)

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