Thursday, January 19, 2012


This really blew my mind. Twilight is one of the most popular books in modern culture, right along with Harry Potter, raking in millions if not billions of dollars in sales for the book, movie and merchandise. There isn't a person who DOESN'T know about sparkling vampires or Bella Swan. It's brought a whole slew of new readers into the bookstore, discovering that books are pretty damn awesome once they see how many titles are available in YA, UF and PNR.

Yet, when I glanced at the reviews on Amazon, I was astounded to see that only 5,000 people have rated the book.


Goodreads may be higher since you can give stars without writing up your review, and some people like being the anonymous reviewer. But why NOT share your opinions with the world? I'm not sure why I expected to see at least double tens if not hundreds of thousands of votes.

But don't you have something to say? When I finish a book (or while I'm reading it), it's not very often where I feel "meh" about it. I have opinions, I want to rant or rave, talk about the scenes or my speculations, or how the characters came across.

So, let this week be REVIEW week. Even if you have never done so, get out there and review a book you have read. It's okay to have an opinion and share it with other readers! You might find out how much fun it is.

I used to visit an apartment review site and was irritated that the only reviews anyone ever posted were complaints. Thousands of people have lived in that complex, and the only reviews are negative complainers (or the managers pumping up their reviews with false ones). The one I live in now that's all I saw were poor reviews. I took a leap of faith based on my gut feeling, and I absolutely love it. Sure it has thin walls, nothing is perfect, but it's a wonderful place to live. I used to love writing up detailed movie reviews when I was younger and discovered how great it was to not only have an opinion, but to share it.

Do high sales really mean a great book? Do low sales mean the book is that awful? Without reviews, we'll never know.

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