Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cover Release Today

This blog is about being real, because I'm a very down to earth person and that's how I like to be with other people. It's not a place for me to just push my book or talk about sales. It's the journey of my life during this process. This is a lengthy post, but I have a lot to say this morning.

Yesterday, my journey was derailed when I wound up in the emergency room. Without going into specifics, it was the very thing I needed to center myself once again. Isn't it funny how we start to get all wrapped up in our lives that when something blindsides us that we know where we need to be, once again? I need to let go, and stop stressing out about things that are going on in my life. Like my job that is overworking me, and trying to meet a self imposed deadline for this book.

And holding on to the cover. I was going to wait until a few days or a week prior to the release, but I realize I don't want to hold this cover hostage.

I worked on it for weeks. Designing your own cover is no easy task for an author, and many turn to have others do it for them. I've seen some pretty horrendous results, that look like they were done in paintbrush. I can only hope that the cover I have created is captivating enough for some of the readers to take a second look - once the book is published - and click on it.

There are a few things I had to take into consideration in the design:

1. I am not a professional, but I am a perfectionist :)

2. I will never find a model who perfectly fits any of the characters I have created in my stories. I sometimes read author websites and they see an actor who might fit the bill, but I think we all have our own interpretation. So do readers, so never take the covers too seriously. It's about who you've created in your own head! So I decided not to kick myself in regards to things I couldn't change, like There are lots of stock sites available, but do a search and you'll find that the right type of models for book covers are scarce.

3. There has to be a connection with the series. I had to give book two the same "vibe" as "Sterling". If anyone read my previous blog posting the slut girl in leathers, that's not keeping with the That is easier said than done, and after going through a slew of potentials, I weeded out several based on that fact (including the coloring not being right)

4. I will never be the queen of fonts. There. I've said it. I chose a certain one for Sterling and it has to carry through with each series for consistency. Next series, I will definitely take time to purchase a kick-ass font. I went with simplicity for "Sterling".

5. Not everyone will like it. That's a fact. You can never please everyone, and that even goes with the stories I write. I am not going to stress out about it, because I know in my heart I did the best job I could.

There are about 12 different images embedded in this cover, and more layering than I can even count. Not to exclude the filtering to get the effects just right. Designing a cover is hard work, and there are people who do this for authors. Mixed results - I've seen some that are great, and some that are downright scary.

Why did I choose to do my own covers?

Because I'm a control freak. I absolutely love the idea that I CAN. It personalizes it. I was very nervous about the "Sterling" cover because it did not fall within the cliche images you see in Urban Fantasy. Leather pants, chick holding a gun or a knife, a fireball of destruction in a city of urban decay behind her, she's also looking down and it's quite gloomy. But it fit for me, it fit the feeling of the book.

I'm very proud of the cover for "Twist". I think the models attitude fits for Silver. There's still an air of mystery, as the first cover with all the fog and light, and it feels like part of the series.

Long post yet? I do apologize and hope you are in the reading mood.

I will be posting this cover TODAY. Prior to official release, I may do some last minute touch-ups. But this is it folks, love it or hate it. I really hope you love it,

...but I hope that you love the book more. A cover is just a cover.


  1. HOORAY!!!! I'm so happy I can NOT wait to see the cover this is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This also should mean that the second book should be coming soon which is the best news EVER I am SO EXITED!!!!Thanks for being a trooper I'm chearing for you. Also thank you for writing such an AMAZING book. I hope you are okay.:-) :-)
    I am officially stoked ayayyayayayyayay!!!!!!
    I am chearing for you!!!!!:-)

  2. Love it! Can't wait for book #2... :)

  3. Love it, too!! When is "soon"? Actually, don't sweat it! We want you around a LONG time to write more!!! Take care of yourself!!

  4. You did an amazing job making the cover. If you find someone who doesn't like it, send them my way... I'll take care of them! :) But really, I do love it.

  5. I love your covers. It's actually the reason why I chose to to try reading Sterling. When I saw the book cover I thought of magic and change and I'm a fan of books with magic and other supernatural adventures with it. :)
    Thanks for such an amazing book!