Monday, January 30, 2012

Justus in the lead

Eventually the poll will be removed from the site, but I did want to post an update of the rankings. This is a simple poll, just asking the readers who their favorite characters are. Who did you connect with? Who fascinates you, keeps you turning those pages?

I thought it was interesting to see who the betas readers liked from "Twist". There will always be new characters, so I hope throughout the series that you find them as curious as I do.

In other news - Wow. Did anyone see Jeaniene Frost's new cover for Vlad's book? How can I get Paul Marron on my covers? Especially after he went on tour as Lothaire.

I thought I'd take a second to talk about character names. It's almost as difficult naming your characters as it is your book. You have to choose the right name for them, and I'm not one for poking my finger in a baby name book and assuming any character will grow into their name. I have list of names, divided by gender/unisex/first/surname. Anything that strikes me as interesting. Sometimes I do searches, other times I hear it. I also have done extensive snooping in census lists from decades/centuries ago in various countries.

I absolutely refused to finish the book until I was 100% settled on each and every name.

That included the cat.

I have to admit of all the names my favorite one is Knox. The name just fits the guy, and it's such a masculine name that you don't hear.