Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Author Spotlight

Today I thought I'd give a little spotlight to an author who has a new werewolf series out. If you are reading this blog, it's because you gave an indie author a chance. Continue to pick up titles by other indies in addition to your traditionally published books, you never know what wonderful adventure awaits.

Silver, book one of the Silver Series, is a coming of age story about a teenage werewolf whose father is murdered. He has to come to terms with his new life, new school, and new friends while trying to prevent more killings.

Attempting to make peace with the territory’s pack and falling in love with a werewolf hunter’s daughter make his new situation even more perilous.

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Author Description:

Cheree Alsop is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and two amazing twin sons who fill every day with light and laughter. She married her best friend, Michael, who changes lives each day in his Chiropractic clinic. Cheree is currently working as a free-lance writer and mother. She enjoys reading, riding her Ninja motorcycle on warm nights, and rocking her twins while planning her next book. She is also an aspiring drummer and bass player for her husband’s garage band.

Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great adventures, and never stop dreaming. 


  1. Have you read it?

    I like giving new indie authors a chance, but since there are so many of such varying quality, usually I either go off a recommendation, a few reviews, or a really intriguing description.

    So far you this book has no reviews on Amazon, a brief and pretty commonplace description, and you didn't actually say that you had read it or thought it was good.

    If you write that you or someone you know liked it, then I'll try it.

  2. I haven't had free time to do any reading during my edit, but I'm always for helping out other authors. Sometimes it's hard to get noticed in a sea of books on Amazon. This is an example of why its important to review books you've read, because you help others make an informed decision (see my blog post on Reviewing I think it would be awesome if her readers posted some reviews. Sometimes we can read a blurb, or the "Look inside" and decide if this is a book we might enjoy, or recommend it to someone who might enjoy it. There's a book out there for everyone, it's finding your audience that's important.

  3. On blurbs - I have to say those are the most difficult thing to write. In trad publishing, authors never write their own blurbs. There are people who are paid to do that, because it's truly a skill to be able to captivate someone in a paragraph and tell the story, without divulging in spoilers. I struggled with mine, because it was tricky to not give away too much. I wanted to leave the reader guessing, so they didn't know the entire plot from the get go. I'd love for someone to write my blurbs! Outside of designing the cover, they are the most stressful part of the final steps in publishing, because these are little grabbers that get the attention of the reader.

  4. I really appreciate Dannika's kindness in doing an author spotlight. She has been truly amazing and her suggestions have truly helped me out. It's so nice when an author who is established and who is busy working on her next book takes time out to help others and I can't say thank you enough.

    In response to the question about reviews, it's also something I've struggled with. I've sold many copies of the books, but there are very few reviews. A couple of people have written on goodreads and I have had emails from readers who have enjoyed the books, but getting the reviews on the websites where they matter turns out to be a very difficult task. I was heartened a bit by the blurb about Twilight because it shows me that I'm not the only one out there. I definitely make it a point now to review every book I read.

    I do second Dannika on writing blurbs. They are quite difficult and I can hope that I put enough out there to draw interest, but not to give away the entire story. It is a challenge, and I have heard many authors say that they can write a 300 page book, but a four sentence blurb gives them nightmares! I definitely second that notion!

    If you do happen to read the books, I would love to hear from you no matter what your opinion. Thank you for your time, and thank you again, Dannika, for being so kind and understanding.