Friday, December 9, 2011


I think it's interesting to see the reader perspective about Zoe/Silver in regards to the relationships she has (or doesn't have) in the book. Each man presents himself as a worthy guy in his own way, and while this is not a PNR book, I'm hoping as the series progresses, readers begin to understand the relationships.

People are brought into your life for a reason.

Silver is a woman who has desires, and has never felt truly revered as a woman by a man (on various levels, not just physical). This of course does not validate who she is, because she has thrived on her own independence and is now forced to depend on others. This puts her in a very confusing situation.

Suffice it to say, that I cannot wait to release book 2 and really touch on this subject again in more detail. I think it would help to have context behind what I'm doing with all the characters. :)

The cover work is coming along, as I'm doing various mock-ups. I'm debating if I should post some of them here for reader opinions, or if that would ruin the fun if I selected one some didn't like. Maybe I'll just show you all the rejects, how's that? lol

Thanks to those who follow me and enjoy the series. I hope you see it as something different than what is typical in "Urban Fantasy". Yes, we love our girls who kick ass, but how did it all begin? What if YOU became Breed? That's the question I posed when writing this. How easy it would be to acclimate to this new world, this new life, new abilities - especially when it was never your choice to begin with.

Where am I with the book?
Still waiting on the betas. They have a month, and yes I'm becoming as anxious as the rest of you. I'd love to get all the results so I can get my hands back on the book and editing again. However, I'd prefer they take their time and really give it a thorough read. Anyone who takes time out to do this is really amazing.

So send them some chocolates!

Now, for a humorous glance at what keywords are bringing people to this webpage for this week! What wonder kind of readers I would attract if I started writing about hot, steamy, romance? lol

  • Sexy Mysterious Guy (oh yeah)
  • Leather Pants Boy (If you find him, let me know)
  • Attractive Male at 40
  • Dannika Dark (Glad you found me, all 41 of you!)
  • Knee Socks  

I have posted this on my facebook wall - I've written 4 books in the Mageri series. I wrote these well over a year ago, and during my editing some things have become glaringly obvious.

In other words: I could potentially have a few doors open for a book five. This, of course, would all depend on whether readers embrace the series as a whole (which I hope you all do). I can only stick with it as long as my heart is in it. I know some publishing companies pressure the authors (or fans, even) to continue a series until maybe it's a little like beating a dead horse.

In any case, I have other series that I'm DYING to release also! Perhaps before a book five is on the horizon, I'd like to get one of these going. I hope some of you are in for the long haul, because I have a lot in my trunk.


    1. I am definitely interested in the rest of your books based on Sterling! Keep it up because dynamic, multi-layered characters, good world-building, and a snappy plot keep readers like me coming back for more!

    2. knee socks? Really? Wow

    3. I know. I must have mentioned them before, because I wear over the knee socks when I'm lounging around. That's not the strangest keyword that has brought Googlers to this page. Today it was "young undertaker", and I'm quite sure I haven't mentioned any undertakers on my blog. ;-)

    4. I personally can't wait for book two. I've reread Sterling like four times since I got it (which is an amazing feat considering how many other books I've read in between!) And as for don't need them. I've been stalking your blog since i first read Sterling. I'm (impatiently) waiting for Twist. I fell in love with Sterling, and I'm most excited for the next one! Btw- knee socks...rock socks...

      1. My husband, too, says that I am taking advantage of her good grace and I should stop stalking her. I follow her and post about her books on Twitter, and visit the blog daily just to make sure I'm not missing any posts and news about upcoming books and events . I've read Sterling and Twist a couple of different times, too.. and have page marked/ highlighted a ton of pages and passages so it's easier to find and refer to stuff.
        This is quite different for me because I don't usually re-read books, nor do I usually care to make notes on them once I am done. It speaks to how much of an impact her work has exerted over the other stuff I've read before. Can't recommend her work enough!