Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 End of the year update

Here we are again. Another year has flown by, and what have we to show for it? More books on our TBR list, that's what.

It's been a fantastic year for me with a few dramatic changes. For one: I finally moved to a new apartment after an ungodly amount of years spent at the other one, where I endured a collapsed ceiling with a constant leak, theft of my brand new car stereo, druggie neighbors, and a serial rapist on the loose. It wasn't a gated community - not that this weighs much on safety - and while the rent was low, everything was run-down. Why did I stay? I got into a comfort zone. While I want to take the plunge of buying a house, I love the freedom of being a renter. "Why don't you flush your money down the toilet?" I can almost hear my father saying. No matter what age, our parents always have nuggets of wisdom. Perhaps he's right, but I'm not ready to settle.

Plus, my new apartment is awesome, even despite my downstairs neighbor who decided to learn acoustic guitar.

This was also the year I took the big plunge to publish. Sometime in the Spring, i finished my umpteenth novel. It was emotionally draining for me, and when I had to step away from writing, I took a look at the indie scene on Ebooks. What an amazing opportunity! I went back to the very first series that started all of this, "Sterling", and began editing. I have an approach when I do a series of writing; I go from one book to the next, so there were a lot of drafts created before I held my breath and stepped off the cliff.


I clicked that button, butterflies twirling in my stomach like a cyclone. I didn't tell a soul, sat back, and woke up the next morning to find I sold 5 copies before it was officially listed as "published" (still in "review" status). Who are these people? Where did they come from? Already I was exceeding my expectation of 10 sales per year (that's a reality for more indie authors than you think).

Bring it.

I continue to receive inquiries about the release date of book 2. I know trad companies have firm dates set, and work through deadlines, but they also have a team of people involved handling different aspects from cover creation, blurbs, editing, proofing, marketing, titling, and so forth. I am a one man show. Of course, I have now brought in a small team of betas and found a second set of eyes on my work is invaluable. So in summary: no, I do not have a set date. I don't even have a decided title (Feel free to name my If I were to guess, I would say that it would be no later than Valentines. There are more variables going on with this book than occurred with book 1, but I PROMISE I will post updates as the time draws near, especially if the publish date becomes sooner than expected. I do intend to post the cover close to the release date. Once I have decided on a title, that is.

My goal for 2012 is to put out better work, and hopefully draw readers into this world I created. The story may be unconventional from how many Urban Fantasies play out - that's the idea. Versus the average person who would willingly raise their hand to become immortal and learn about Breed, she has come into this world against her will. Without consent. Without choice.

Silver doesn't always make the best decisions, or know the right thing to say. She's stubborn, but as the series moves along, I hope the reader can relate to who she is and her life experiences. I like the conflict of character, and often don't paint them one way or the other. We see a comical side to Simon, but we also see something much deeper, for example. Characters should be like onions - they are far more interesting when the layers are slowly peeled away. Sometimes you have to crawl into their head a little bit, and try to imagine what drives each person, and how the experiences in their life have shaped who they are. This idea drew me in, as did the element of realism. But trust that there are some answers you will discover in the next three books.

I hope to finish publishing the entire series this year (wouldn't that be awesome?) It depends on the rewrites and editing process. Plus, I do need to make time to take a break and read something besides my own work.

Have a prosperous New Year, and do something this year outside of your comfort zone. Step outside of the box, pursue something that you've always put off and said, "Maybe someday." Let today be someday.

Be sure to mark your calendars, I have an author interview lined up for February at LITERAL ADDICTION.

I apologize if I'm a little absent in the next few weeks. I have an IV of coffee going straight to my veins so I can work through this weekend and take advantage of my time off work to edit.

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