Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's a girl to do?

For anyone who enjoys writing, read below and I can give you a recommendation on a program.

So many books, so little time. These are the books I am currently reading, and "Drink Deep" is on the radar once I finish the Immortals After Dark book.

Oh, I'll be his bride!

I love these brothers! It's one of those books I can put on pause and easily pick back up because the story sticks in my head so vividly.

This is what I've been waiting months for!

Short stories, so something quick and easy to get through.

On writing:

I found it difficult to keep facts straight using paper and pen, especially when attempting a series. Details on characters backgrounds, looks, mannerisms, or even locations and sub plots. yWriter is a free program that allows you to do what what you can't do with paper. There are other programs out there that you can pay for, but I think this puppy will give you the basic tools you need. (if you only knew at this very moment I'm yelling at my cat for climbing a cabinet and trying to tip my wine bottles, but i digress)

It keeps track of everything you see: scene, characters, location, items, etc. I never write in yWriter, I copy my chapters over when I'm done. But I do use the other options for characters, items, etc as I go so I can keep it continually updated. You can even upload pictures of your characters, give them a bio, etc. The great thing is (especially for a series) that these features can be exported and imported into a new document. So, once I start writing book 2, I can import all the character information over.

The program could be more user friendly, and I do have a couple of issues with it, but for free software...its worth every penny. :-)

Do I still use pen and paper? Of course! My purse is stuffed with post-its, as is my table at the moment. I have a notebook for keeping my thoughts together. I get ideas, and sometimes jotting it down helps me work it out in my head before I actually put it in the novel. But when it's all said and done, I'm glad there is software available for me to electronically store the info.


  1. This sounds so convenient! What I've had going for me, is just a million Microsoft Documents. One for my actual story, one for my plot, another for characters, another for back stories I've written for individual characters, folders stuffed with pictures with titles like, "Darken skin, make expression more fierce, brighten eyes, thin lips," basically editing the close-ish pic I found to perfection. I'll have to try it this software out! Thanks!

    1. There's also another called scribner?? I think. There's a few out there. You can keep a list of characters per book (not chapter) and put down places, items, etc. I just use it after I'm done publishing to organize my stuff. I asked Lara Adrian about how she kept her series in order and she uses a similar program...except she had her husband do all the hard work ;p

      husband for hire!

  2. Okay, cool thanks! I've got yWriter up and running for me now. I just love how organized and put together everything is on it! I was telling a few of my friends about it, and yeah, one of them said that on her Mac she uses scribner.