Saturday, November 26, 2011

What makes a male sexy?

Obviously, every woman has her own taste. But what is it that draws you to that leading man? In most cases, we have a wide variety to choose from.

1. RELATIONSHIPS: Part of the allure is the quality of relationships he forms with the main characters and others - tension and all that good stuff.

2. BACK STORY: Part of it is his past. The more we learn about a man - where he came from, what he stands for - the more we understand what motivates him.

THE ARROGANT MALE, a.k.a The Womanizer

You know him. He's the one with hot car, the sharp clothes, the expensive cologne, and the women throwing themselves at his feet. He dismisses them with a wave of a hand. Everything he says irritates you. He's arrogant, and is a man who always gets what he wants. Typically, the female in the book doesn't want him back.

He's easily infuriated and often throws a tantrum, storming out.

He. Must. Have. Her.

THE MYSTERY GUY, a.k.a. Mr. Unattainable

He's the guy in the black coat with a five o'clock shadow and unruly hair. There's always immediate tension between him and the female lead, because he challenges her. It's the way he talks, moves in close with those magnetic eyes and puts his mouth to her ear, whispering something that leaves her frustrated.

She's angry that she fell for his seduction, as he chuckles and walks away.

But damn...we still want him.

THE BAD BOY, a.k.a The Naughty Hottie

He's usually numero uno on most women's lists. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. The bad boy always has a sharp tongue, quick wit, and is nail-bitingly sexy. When he fights, he has all the one-liners. Yet, he just pisses the woman off on every kind of level.

The relationship with him is a mutual partnership, and they often drive each other crazy. (Does Bones come to mind?) But beneath it all, there's a lot of tension and we usually have to wait for the coupling.

We don't know what he'll say or do next, but we love a shameless flirt.

Especially one in leather pants with a piercing.


I feel for this guy, I really do. He's often the sidekick, the brother, the sub character that doesn't get the girl. Well, sometimes he does, but he has to give her back. We never get to know ENOUGH about him. This guy is a worthy male, but he's not going to be able to win her heart against the leading guy, no matter how much he proves himself.

Typically I've read him to be noble, brave, and always doing the right thing.

But, unfortunately, he knows when to walk away.


Girls love to fix things. In steps a male who is hostile, cold, and wounded. The woman tries to understand him, but he's unapproachable with his foul mouth; he hates women so he pulls away from her touch.

Yep, he's a fixer-upper. Damaged goods lived a hard life, and is unable to love, or have trusting friendships because he's grown cynical. Scarred, tattooed, dangerous, skilled with knives - he's everything your mother warned you about.

And we love them.

THE BARBARIAN, a.k.a. The Alpha Male
He's the leader, get it straight, or he'll eff you up.
Can this guy even speak English? He grunts, he growls, he says words like "Mine."

Except in the bedroom, where he usually mutters something in an ancient language.

But beneath all the muscle, leather, and semi-automatic weapons, is a heart of gold.


Well, it usually takes a few ass kickings throughout the book before we get to that part.

What he lacks in the looks department, he always more than makes up for in his endowments.

THE PRETTY BOY, a.k.a The Slut

You know exactly who I'm talking about. Chiseled face, abs of steel, soft lips that were meant to be kissed, and the sex drive of a Greek God (which he's often compared to in the looks department)

This guy can relate to the Arrogant male on a few levels. But the difference is - he usually doesn't come from money. He's just too damn good-looking for his own good. Women shackle themselves to his feet and swear allegiance to the almighty locks of golden hair. He's a smartass, cocky as hell, and once again - the female wants nothing to do with him. He often inadvertently falls for a woman who is sub par in the looks department, and that's what makes him attractive to the reader. Hope for all of us!

Deep down we find out that he's hollow inside, because no one ever bothered to get to know him on a deeper level. Pass the kleenex, please.


This guy makes flowers and candy look like the work of peasants and fools. He's the wooer, the one who sweeps you off your feet and wants to show you the world. He wants to fix YOU, because you're the one pushing away. His gift comes in the forms of sunsets on top of the most unreachable mountain top, rose petals over a bath, an expensive meal on top of a 20 story building with a violinist off on the side somewhere.He is Mr. Sensitive.

He's the guy who will take your breath away.

He also needs to keep it in check or he'll end up as Second Fiddle Guy...

So, when it comes to the men in your novels, who do you like to read?


  1. Umm can we just go with the pics you put up???
    I will take Bad Boy!! With a side of Pretty Boy please! I will also take a helping of Arrogant Male and Mystery Guy! Actually just throw me together a sampler, and then I can make a better determination. Oh and since I may forget when I am done I may need a second go round!

  2. haha, no double dipping! Of course, we all love samplers. I love a book that has a great mix of these characters, so you never know who to root for, but you just love them all.

  3. Definitely the alpha male. I love a large aggressive man who growls "She's mine!". *drools* Bad boy and the mystery guy share a close second ;)

    I love that you included the second fiddle. Great post.

  4. Ah yes, we all love that hot alpha male. So hard to choose between all these men; however do we manage? ;-) Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. The Naughtie Hottie does it for me.... your options..

  6. I love an Alpha. There's something about a man who calls you 'Mine' that does it for me. Damaged goods runs a close second.

  7. Got to love those alpha men! Got to love a man who knows what he wants. Damaged goods is usually opposite, conflicted about it. So hard to choose, isn't it?

  8. The womanizer+the mystery guy+the bad boy = My boy
    Specially if we find out he actually has a heart <3

    1. Now that's a formula. ;=) I have to say I've always been partial to damaged goods or mystery guy

  9. Hehe, like the other commenters, I can't narrow it down to one. My dream guy/any appealing man is a combination of the arrogant male (though maybe it's just pretty boy since the money part is irrelevant. It's more the womanizer and "He. Must. Have. Her." aspect I'm focusing one for him. And the infuriating her part.), Mystery Boy--damn those eyes of his--Bad Boy (of course!), Damaged Goods (gotta love a guy that pushes the girl away and acts indifferent to the world when in reality his past has a major factor), and to top things off, Pretty Boy.

    Yeah...picking one doesn't exactly work well for me, lol. I just like a man that's passionate and challenges the female, that creates immediate tension, whether if it's barely touched on in the first book and crescendos as the series progresses, or catches the heroine's eyes from the start. And I guess I like my Book Boys aggressive, too. Cagey, edgy, emotions thrashing inside, whether they show it or not...Like I said, the main thing I want from my Book Boys is passion/intensity. And humor. Any hero that can make me snicker will forever own my heart.

    So many appealing options to choose from... :D

  10. If I could get a combo of Alpha Male and Romantic I'd be a happy girl from now until the end of my days. The guy who knows what he wants and takes it, yet appreciates what he has.

  11. One of each, please -- it all depends on my mood. On a daily basis, Alpha Male is beyond annoying; but once in a while ... mmmmm. What would we consider Simon? He never once has doubted Silver's competence or ability. He wants her trained & educated so she can be all she's meant to be. Mystery Man + Romantic + Bad Boy. Ye-a-h....

  12. wow, what a choice, although I in my younger days I would have voted for the damaged goods but I am a fixer. I have always been a strong female and I would have walked away from an arrogant man, ah hell even that good looking I still would. At this point in my life I want the alpha, I want to be protected and be taken care of. I also want someone who can handle my strength and appreciate it for what it is. But sometimes I am that women who wants to follow the second fiddle because a taste of real honor has to be so sweet.
    Lisa buchanan

  13. Who is the guy you have in the picture for the bad boy????