Sunday, November 6, 2011

Urban Fantasy Bestseller

Today marks 2 months since the release of "Sterling", so I decided to make my first blog post truly promoting the book. It is available on Amazon for 99 cents (also available on amazon UK, France, and Germany) for adults (not a YA series)

Currently, "Sterling" ranks on the bestseller list in the US Fantasy/contemporary, and in the UK for Fantasy/contemporary as well as Romance. Many of my readers know that "Sterling" is a dark urban fantasy novel, but as the series goes on, you will see that it is well placed in both of these genres.

"Sterling" is book 1 of the Mageri series, an adult urban fantasy novel that revolves around the story of a young woman who is brutally attacked by a mysterious man, later discovering that she has actually been transformed into a supernatural being. Our leading lady is thrust into a new life - unsure of herself and how much she should trust those around her. This new world she lives in is a dangerous one, as well as exciting. It was important to make "Sterling" on a realistic level, depicting the darkness that lives within some who pursue their ambitions at the expensive of others, and how a human could adjust to this new life. Every relationship that exists with Zoe is well thought out and with purpose, although it may not be evident in book 1.

Adam is the man who found Zoe when she needed help. Without question, he takes her in and watches over her. Part of it is instinct, the other part is curiosity - he knows there is something different about her. He's very protective of Zoe, and there's always something you can't quite pin on him. It's as if he's a man trying to be someone else, a man running away from a past.

Justus is the one who takes her under his wing, and helps educate her about who she is. He's a strong figure in her life, but he is a curious fellow because he's a little detached with personal affections. Justus wants to ensure she is prepared for her life and able to protect herself, as well as know where she comes from. We learn more about this man as the books evolve.

Simon is a loyal friend to Justus, and they go way back. They are complete opposites, but also have a working relationship to an extent. Simon is more carefree and a bit of a rebel; he's an intelligent man who has become disgusted with the politics behind things, but he will always help when he see's a worthy purpose. He's a flirty little devil on the outside, the kind of man you would see saucing up all the girls at the bar, but there's another side to Simon.

Knox is close friends with Adam, and they once had a working relationship. He's a hardened military man, rough around the edges and then some. He's got a mouth on him and muscle to back it up. Deep down, you can see he's got heart - he would have to be a decent man for Adam to trust him - but he isn't the sort to let it show.

Sunny is Zoe's best friend and closest person she has to family. She's upbeat and a lovely person, always trying to keep Zoe's spirits up and be there when she needs her. I love her because she's the girl that people might have the initial impression of being superficial and conceited, but she's a loyal friend that can always be trusted.

Just for fun, I thought I would throw in some pictures. The real image is always left to the imagination of the reader.

There are a few other characters introduced in the book who will have reoccurring appearances in the series, as the above. The series itself has villains, conspiracies, and secrets that unfold. But the heart of the book is the growth and self discovery that Zoe, and other characters, undergo. Most of us are shaped by our past and scarred in some way by events in our life, as are the characters in this book. Whenever I see someone with specific personality traits, I can't help but wonder "what happened in their life that made them this way? Is there more to who they are?" The book itself can be read as a stand alone, but there always may be a few questions lurking in your mind about certain plot points or characters, some of those are addressed in later books.

In the world of Breed, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, and is determined by the Fates. It is up to us what we do with what we're given.

Thank you to those who have given "Sterling" a read and have given positive feedback via email or otherwise! I've been asked if I intend to push this book through smashwords so it is available to those who do not shop through amazon or own a kindle. That is a possibility, including paperback. At this time, I am focusing on writing/editing, but will keep all avenues open to make this series available to a wider audience.

Book 2 of the Mageri series is still in progress and making headway. The final draft revision is underway
and there will be heavy editing to ensure it is a quality read. Keep an open mind, and expect the unexpected.




  1. OMG! My head is spinning with these men! Wow!

  2. lol! I always liked visuals to go with the story :-)

  3. Well, it sounds to me like you know how to pick your men! ;)
    Btw Adam is the one who intrigued me most...

  4. Sylvia, I always like to have a little variety in the story to make things interesting. I like Adam, too. Each man has a story that makes him who he is. He's a solid guy, I think he's just lost his way

  5. Cool I'm glad you put the pics up even though I formed my own mind visuals for the characters I shared your post on FB This book deserves more public attention. Good luck with it all I am looking forward to the series unfolding.

  6. "Variety" is always a good thing and now I wanna read your book even more! ;)

  7. Julie, awesome! Thanks so much. I love that everyone has a different visual of the same character from books. Because I do a lot of digital art, I have a good time with different images from the books i read, and I love viewing fanart.

    Keep watching! I'm anxious to put up some images I created for Book 2, but at this point I can't as it would be a spoiler. :) Some fun things on the horizon