Monday, November 14, 2011

Taking on the Beta's

I have called out for Beta Reader's for Book 2 of the Mageri series. I'm reviewing those who are interested and collecting my questions that each will be provided. This will be a new experience for me as I did not do this with "STERLING". It is difficult to consider only because I have already written out the series, and have to be very careful as to what I consider editing. I'm still on a final draft revision, so once that ends I'll be ready to throw it to the beta wolves and hope they don't bite. ;-)

It's a good feeling to throw away all these post-it notes spread out over my bar, having incorporated these idea's into the book. I get flashes of idea's at the most random times. The other night, it was while driving in the car. I couldn't find my notebook and found myself trying to scribble the thought out on the back of an envelope while avoiding the curb. What I probably need is one of those recording devices, I never understood the use of those until I swerved from hitting a cat. Fear not: No animals were harmed in the making of this book.

The great part about the beta reading phase is I can put away my temptation to edit, because I will have to wait for their feedback before I can touch Book 2 again. This will give me time to work on the cover design and consider titles. I bet one thing about printed books author's enjoy is receiving their copy with all the raised print and shine. I just love running my fingers over the lettering, tilting it in the light and looking at the color effects. You don't get that same experience from an E-book. And while some do not even look at the cover, I hope that my designs are interesting enough that the reader does take a look and get lost in it for a few moments.

Now I must leave you so I can enjoy some ravioli's and french bread.


  1. :) good food is always a must, and I wish you luck and can't wait to start your books!!!

  2. Beta groups are smart move, some new writers should really adapt this practice before putting their work out for the public.