Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to make yourself crazy

Well, you can design your own welcome page on Facebook for starters! It took about one hour to put together an image for the page, then I had to google the steps to actually get it ON the page. Not as easy as just uploading a picture, there's script involved.

So I've been busy this week, trying to make my author page a little friendlier. Here are the fruits of my labors

Profile Image

I kind of like how this turned out. I'm obsessive about images, so I do have a couple of issues with how it turned out, but nothing that can't be remedied...


Because I have a book to finish.

Welcome Page

This is the welcome page a newcomer will see when they visit me on Facebook. Yes, I put the arrow in the wrong place! LOL  I have to keep my sense of humor - I think everyone knows by now where the "like" button is.

As you can see, I dabble in photoshopping.

So be sure to check out my fanpage on Facebook and LIKE me, so you can stay updated on book release information, as well as fun stuff.

Yeah, I like fun stuff!

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