Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cover Art

This is where it all begins...

I'm excited to finally get down to designing the cover art for Mageri Book 2. I did my first mock-up tonight, but I'm very particular about images so I'll be trying out a few models, backgrounds, concepts, etc before I start narrowing down the choices. I don't focus too much on what will sell, only because if I put too much stock into that I would just stick a headless torso of a hunk on the cover. The covert art must capture the essence of the story, and evoke an emotional response. At least for me, anyhow. I want to create something that a reader doesn't just skim over, but stares at for a little while, thinking about the character or the scene.

The great part is I have more stock images available, and I plan to acquire more as time goes on. It's SO tedious to comb through those stock sites, let me tell you. I don't have enough hours in the day to look at 15,000 images of "fog" or "streets". Really? Who has that kind of time. And some of those images that pop up are freaking scary.

Another thing about cover art is I want it to be interesting without being "been there, done that". Some covers start to all look alike to me. I took a big risk with "Sterling", because you don't often see an Urban Fantasy with a woman sitting, hiding her face, with a solemn posture. Usually they're in leather, armed with daggers or guns and look like they're ready to kick the living shit out of you.

It was right for Zoe.

It's her book, her story, and I had a few images to work with using that model and that was the one. Each time someone says they love the cover, it makes me smile. Wide.

I want to connect the series, so the covers flow. So there's a lot of thought going to go into this. Additionally, not totally happy with the author name on the cover so i plan to tweak it a little. I do not profess to have any mad skills when it comes to fonts.

If you want to see how ridiculously picky I am, this was the "final" choice of model and theme for "Sterling"

(I won't show all the others i went through...gods!).

I got some advice on the cover and removed the moon, it was unnecessary and distracting. I tried a background like the window, but didn't like it. I wanted Zoe to be the focus. See the one of her reflection in the mirror? Yep, that came out a little cheesy.

Now let's just hope the sequel cover isn't a hot mess

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