Thursday, November 24, 2011


My parents are characters unto themselves. If anyone wonders where author's get inspiration from characters - it's everywhere. People are so interesting, funny, and mysterious that they don't even realize it. It could be traits from people you know, or complete strangers. I'm spending a couple of days with my parents for Thanksgiving, and I'm thoroughly enjoying some of their antics. Board games to break out soon! I'm a huge fan games.

I am 85% done with the last draft of Book 2, so making progress. I anticipate getting a lot done this weekend. The word count is higher than book 1, still under 100,000, but I decided not to do any major edits. I'd like to see if the betas have any feedback. I would hope that every scene is interesting and valuable to the story, which is why I have not cut anything further.

It's a gloomy Thursday morning; earlier there was a heavy fog and now its just overcast. My cat is having a ball here, even though putting her in the carrier was an exercise in will, endurance, and bravery. My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is mom's homemade cornbread dressing - which is actually grandma's recipe. We decided to try a new apple pie recipe, instead of my upside-down apple pie (which is a sweet slice of heaven). So, I hope everyone here is enjoying some time off with family, or by yourself just relaxing.

This was last nights conversation in the living room, late last night. The buzzer was beeping in the kitchen because the apple pie was done. Dad kept commenting how great it smelled. Mom got up to pull it out of the oven.

Dad--in his recliner--glanced up and held out his hand.

Dad: "Gimme Five!" 
Mom shuffles by him, dragging her tired feet, and ignores his open hand.
"Gimmie two", dad suggests.
Mom slowly walks out of the room and says nothing.
Dad drops his hand. "Gimme nothing," he mutters.
Mom says in a flat voice from the kitchen, "You get no pie." 

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