Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm going to see if this is something I can keep up with for fun. Five random things on Friday - recommendations, cool stuff, random thoughts, might even be something in my house!

1. SAIL by AWOLNATION. Awesomeness

2. My serious addiction - Vitatops (actually healthy for you! lol) Yeah, that's my excuse.

3. Fact: I don't care what Ashton Kutcher is tweeting. I don't really care to see their divorce and rocky relationship splashed on the front page of my news sites, either. I don't really know any project either has been in except saturating the media with their private affairs. It's too bad that personal relationships can't remain private, I'm sure whatever they're going through is difficult.

4. This guy is all kinds of hotness!

5.  I think prefer wearing natural stones over diamonds and emeralds. Not that I have a box spilling over with precious jewels, but they're more eye catching. My favorite? Tiger's eye. I bought one that was just a polished stone at a science museum, and made it into a necklace. Eventually, it broke off, and I wish I had the skills to fix it. I loved wearing it.


  1. Those vitatops look yummy. Ashton and Demi: So I guess those cheating allegations are true then.

  2. When a crystal breaks and you can no longer wear it it means the qualities the crystal imparts are no longer need by you Time to find a different crystal to wear

  3. Ah, you must try the vitatops! It's like a piece of chocolate cake. I guess so on Ashton/Demi - I didn't read the article. I never do.

  4. I suppose I'll have to find a new pendant then :) Lately i'm wearing an amethyst stone bracelet, but I love a nice pendant. I just prefer finding something more natural. Most stones in the dept stores, I don't even know if what I'm looking at is real.