Sunday, October 9, 2011

Twitter Account

I have finally done it. I have a Twitter account. Now what? ;-)  Please feel free to follow me, I might have something informative to say provided that I can say it in less than 140


  1. Hi Dannika! I opened up my Twitter account recently to get extra entries into giveaways and to also help spread the word for the bloggers & authors about the giveaways! I still use FB for my social outlet :-) Thanks for following me!! Looking forward to reading your tweets!

  2. Hi! I'm PCravingBooks from twitter! Love your blog! I read your summary, the book sounds pretty good, never read something YA with Mage! New follower too!

    Proseprine :)

  3. Hi Prosperpine, welcome! Mage is definitely something different I wanted to venture into with the sea of Vampire books out there in Urban Fantasy - just a little heads up that it's not YA but adult reading. Glad to have you!

    Hi Amber! I look forward to checking out the giveaways :)) I have so many outlets I can hardly keep up with