Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tucked under my arm

This weekend, I'll be reading through Unbound. This is a collection of short stories by several of our favorite UF authors. I'm not against short stories because I started off my serious adult reading with collections, but so often I want *more* when I'm done.

Greedy, aren't I? You know I'm right. I read a storm story not too long ago that I wished had been expanded on; it could have easily been it's own book, or even series. Great ideas, crunched down to "fun size".

I couldn't help but wonder, on a side note, if all UF authors are redheads? Red hair is one of the most uncommon hair colors there is. Each time I look at a photograph of a favorite author and see she has red hair, it makes me smile. Must be in the genes.

I hope you all have a good book tucked under your arm this weekend!

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