Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simon Hunt

“No woman leaves my apartment decent." - Simon Hunt (Mageri Series: Book 2)

Taking a break leads to dangerous things when I open my editing software. I was playing around with an image for Simon. Took a little work to give him a suitable dimple, but alas, I am not very good with adding hair (Simon's hair is shoulder length, so let's just pretend he tied it back). For those who may not know, digital art is another outlet I'm passionate about.

I love how each reader see's characters differently. No matter how the author describes them, everyone walks away with something different. One example is that I am a fan of the Night Huntress series - but for whatever reason, I see Bones with longer hair than he has in the book. That's why fanmade art is so great, you get to see all the different possibilities.

Here's one possibility.

All stock purchased. Do not crop or modify.

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