Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's talk about sex

I knew that title might get your attention. I was thinking about the Urban Fantasy genre and how many of the books I have include sexual situations. Was it needed, and did it add/subtract from the story? Sex - it's a real thing - the birds do it/bee's do it song. I realize some authors do not want to detract from the story by going that route and it isn't always necessary in many novels or series. My characters live passionate lives, dangerous lives, and it somehow feels wrong to exclude it from the writing if the story warrants it.

Unlike PNR, it is not the main focus and the Mageri series does not revolve around romance in the traditional sense but it is definitely part of their lives. I will tell readers that the future books in the series may be peppered with some passion as appropriate. (Bottle that!)

Of course, some of my favorite UF series do include these scenes and they do not detract from the story. In fact, in many cases I feel that these intimate moments enhance my connection with the characters and their relationship. It's not required, but none of us would be here without sex. It's been going on for millions of years and I'm not sure why books that include it get stereotyped.

I hope that my readers, regardless, are captivated enough by the story itself that it doesn't matter either way. Keep in mind it's an Urban Fantasy series and I'm not writing it in a way where it  becomes a distraction, nor it being the sole reason someone picks up the series to read. If it happens, then it's a pivotal scene for my characters.

The reason I brought this up is I have been going through the editing process of my books and I have been reviewing a scene. Stay, or go? Need it, or don't need it? Perhaps moments like these are what beta readers are for. In the meantime, I'll be mulling it over, but as it stands, it's staying.

I included on my blog a Pictures page. Some of you know (and most of you don't) that I love creating digital art. I haven't put everything up there yet but I've already been working on a few things for Book 2 but I can't release them because they are spoilers. So, keep an eye out and I'll be posting a new one every so often with a little caption. It may be a quote, my thoughts or just a description.

I absolutely LOVE fanart. I create it myself and I suppose that I will have to be put to charge of creating my own, so I will be sharing those with you.

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  1. Thank you for posting the pics. I love your digital art! I'm hoping that Logan will soon be part of your repertoire.. his scenes are just delicious :). My take on sex or no sex is this:
    I think it is definitely part of character and plot development.. provided that is not excessive - most people don't want to read sex scenes on every other page - I find it necessary to connect with the character and get a feel for where they are emotionally. I enjoy that you wrote scenes that were sexy but not so much about the sex as it was about the exchange of energy and discovery of power. Very well written and not at all superfluous. People that complain about sex on Adult UF should be reading YA instead.