Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'd love to create a mailbag section for this blog. If you click to view my profile on my blog, you can send me an email. Ask any question you want, book related or otherwise. I won't bite, and I've responded to every email so far (except one, and I hope that sender knows their mail keeps bouncing back as non deliverable).

Now I understand why some people spend years writing a single book. I have to be careful how I re-edit my draft, because I have already written books 3 and 4 of the Mageri series. It's important to retain continuity as the story. That being said, now that I am nearing the end of my third edit, I've discovered a few items I'd like to expand on. I am a creature of five million post-it notes, and today at work (when the boss wasn't looking), i organized them on a clean sheet of paper. These are small rewrites of specific scenes, one of which requires backtracking through "Sterling". I did so much cutting on that book I have to be sure what I write weaves in.

There is some serious editing underway. I'm giving a lot of detailed attention to book 2.

Online sites are useful, but I went to the bookstore this week and picked up a few extra reference books. Paper books! I always like having a physical book on hand to look up synonyms and definitions. Some sites are very limited in the results, and there are times I'd rather be on the sofa scribbling my thoughts on paper. The laptop needs a break; the battery is seriously reaching meltdown mode.

I did find a few useful websites that show hundreds of different alternatives to using the word "said". I know there are those that encourage people to use that more often, but it can make reading dull if the entire book were written in a "he said/she said" form. There's a fine balance. As an example, I am pulling a random book that happens to be sitting right next to me! I'm opening a page and here is how this author chose to write a line, using an alternative to "said":

"Blood," she demanded.

Demanded. She didn't just say it, she demanded it.
What a difference a word makes.

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