Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leading Men

I was thinking about the main types of leading men in UF and PNR books.

First, there's the ass kicking witty guy who always has a line. He's the one that drives the heroine crazy with his cocky attitude and almost juvenile humor.

Then there's the male who came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and he's all out of bubble gum. The growler, the one who snarls and is possessive over his woman. He's the one you have to get a chisel out for and chip away at the wall he built up because some bad shit happened to him. Yeah, we love that guy.

Then, there's the mysterious guy; the one you can't quite figure out. He may have a sense of humor, he may also be protective of the woman, but there's something you can't quite pin on him. He's usually the one that pisses off the woman because he's rude and it may come across that he dislikes her. But there's tension beneath the surface of it all and we can feel like like electrical impulses tapping at our molecules. Not that he's completely untouchable, but that you aren't always sure what his motives are. He's the one who takes a push to get him to do the right thing and he doesn't always go after the woman. This male doesn't have a wall, he has a moat.

I like that guy.

Which one is my favorite? Well, it always depends on the story and the leading lady. But as much as I like that  hero who is powerful and strong, I like my men to be intelligent. That is the sexiest quality of all.

But a snug pair of leather pants or a tattoo never hurt anyone, feel me? ;-)


  1. he looks yummy and yes, tats and leather pants never hurt! Danger is always sexy!

    Your work sounds interesting, are you open to a "blog tour" with us? Let us know

  2. We love the bad boys, don't we? What's involved in your blog tour?